judah's 12 month portrait teasers

we shot these on saturday evening at the dukes' property. it was beyond hellishly hot and in the middle judah's witching (aka bitching) hour that come before bedtime so it was a challenge for sure. these were the first ones we have done with judah mobile, so it was a new experience that he could just run away if he didn't like what we were doing. i am sure that brenna's recycle bin has quite a few pics of us scowling in it. luckily, she's awesome and so we actually got some good ones (clearly i love them since i have already adapted the watermarked proofs into our new header and couldn't even wait for the real versions). here's the preview she posted before we get our full session cd:

the saddle was so big that his feet didn't reach the ground and he was forced to stay on it for a while. score one for the big guys.

i am a spokesperson for the american posture society. i was tickling him to make him laugh and instead ruined the perfection with my hunchism. i still love it though.

his reward for all the wardrobe/scenery changes was this as the last one.

oh i love it. his favorite thing to do with a beach ball is put his mouth on it and take off running. so glad it's documented so beautifully.

jesse and i aren't in love with this one of US because we look high and triple-chinned, but we are obsessed with judah. a mercy-crop may be be in order

FAVORITE! i ADORE this picture. we decided to hop under the sprinkler with the bug at the very end to show solidarity since he was losing it. somehow after hours of melting we managed to be cold once the water was on us. but it was totally worth it. *ok, the fact is that i am wearing a skirt, and you can kind of see up it (cause i'm also a spokesperson for the ladylike society of north america), but since you can't see anything at all, not even a hint of a shadow of thigh or worse, i am not embarrassed. *


  1. LOVE all the new pictures!!!

  2. these pictures are amazing! Judah is adorable as always!

  3. These pictures are full of Judah's personality and I love them! You guys are such a cute family!

  4. oh, bliss. love them ALL!