healthy and happy

you know how you never appreciate not having a headache until you have one? yeah, i do that all the time. i get a headache and vow, "if this atrocious pain ever leaves me, i will never again take for granted all those hours of NOT having a headache." and then it goes away and so does my reminder to be grateful. it's just so easy to not have to think about your health when it's humming along perfectly.

the human body is amazing. for all the things that can go wrong it is remarkably resilient and for the majority of people, runs without glitches for the majority of their lives. but i know that i never stop and appreciate this until it's gone for awhile.

and it takes so little for it to just vanish; for me to realize how fragile it all is. a canker, pulled muscle, hangnail, or any number of other TINY things can go slightly wrong with this whole amazing biological equilibrium and all day i am constantly reminded that all is not well.

so today (and hopefully lots of days to come) i am super grateful to be sitting here feeling great. no alarms are blaring in any of my bodily sectors, no organs trying to report back to my brain via pain messages that something is off and needs attention. and while i am being so appreciative for my health it makes me wonder why the heck i wouldn't take care of this awesome miracle of a human body that i was given: go run, eat something that helps my body, wear sunscreen, etc. oh wait? because when you feel good or things are easy, you just expect that they'll always be that way. until they aren't. glarg! tricky tricky.
so today i will just be appreciative. and i will think of the people in my life who don't feel like this today, or ever, and consider what i can do to help them. encourage a change? pray? NOT buy french fries for them?
just wanted to get this little mind-blowing nugget off of my chest. not really typical blog-material, but you know. also judah is still cute and i would take on any amount of pain to keep him from ever having to worry about his own health. so i am also a griggillion grateful that he is so healthy that he isn't even aware that anything could ever go wrong with that little body of his.


  1. hey i wanna see your new hair do! have i missed pictures somewhere?

  2. He is so stinkin cute!!! I could definitely stare at his photos all day. We have to get he and Madison around each other more so that they will know each other well enough to fall in love later in life :) hehe

  3. Judah is totally adorable. Loved the pool video!! He looks completely drunk - I would have been laughing just as hard as you were! Glad you are feeling so well. The second trimester is always the best - before you're huge and waddling. Enjoy!