judah was a summer baby. judah is also a boy. so i never gave leg warmers much of a thought when compiling his wardrobe. now i am having a girl and in november. but i still didn't think about leg warmers until i saw something about them by one of my favorite most bloggers.
so babylegs are a certain brand of legwarmers for kids i think, but its such a more fun term to use then legwarmers. they're not technically just for girls and not just for babies, but the ones i want to talk about are. the idea here is to keep the baby warm without having to pull pants on and off a hundred times during diaper changes which is hard for parents of a wormy little newborn AND would make them chilly if it was cold where you were changing the babe. apparently these are very useful during potty training too. here's the idea:

onsie plus babylegs. they could also go under a dress like leggings or with bloomers (unless you're lucky enough to cloth diaper) with a top.

one of the biggest draws to me besides not pulling pants on and off is that these would have more potential for different fun designs and variety than you would find in pants, but at like $12 a pop, that goes out the window and i stop caring so much about pulling off pants.

enter raechel. her super simple and easy to follow tutorial shows how to take a $2 pair of target's women's knee socks and convert them into really well-made baby leggings. AWESOME!

yes, i went to the store the day she posted this tutorial and bought 8 pairs of target socks. but check out that selection. the colors! the patterns! all for what i would have paid for 1.33 pairs of pre-made ones (plus i like my patterns and colors better than the pre-made ones anyway)

i chopped off the toes and heels of all the pairs and got to work with the leftovers.

like a sweet jellyfish of creativity dangling in my kitchen
one pair of these takes literally about 6 minutes start to end. and the final product looks really polished and finished:

the little cuff at the bottom will go over baby girl's heels or at her ankles if we still want to put shoes on her. even though these are longer than an actual baby leg right now, if i remember correctly, the whole fashion statement of the legwarmer was the scrunched-up look

i plan to stop by the sock department on every trip to target now and snatch up and new styles that come out so that our little girlie is always rocking a colorful, warm, homemade pair of babylegs! plus these totally count as separate items in my one-thing-a-day quest to clothe little girl.


  1. adorable!!!! love this idea and your creativity.

  2. LOVE the argyle... they also have these adorable bubble onesie outfits for girls in the summer (I googled them and couldn't find them but I know that Kohls had them last summer because I literally bought them out for all of the baby girls I know)- I dream of the day they are acceptable for adults

  3. ooooh. keight. i love! i want! p.s. my word verification is crafful. which might be a super new adjective to describe you. keight is SO crafful.

  4. Fabulously awesome - and ridiculously creative are the babylegs. I'm always into saving money too! Kudos to you!

  5. i am TOTALLY going to do these for our babe...cuz I love 'em on girls and boys!

  6. Have you ever thought about sewing your own cloth diapers? They could count too you know.

  7. So don't know if you already know this or not...but there is a place in Griffin called the SOCK SHOP! You need to make a trip there...they have a Kids Shop as well..but with your new found leg warmers...you can get all the socks you want for cheap! They have REALLY awesome baby clothes too. Let me know if you don't know where it's at...you MUST GO!!!
    cute cute girl!
    oh, and you should sooo sale these!

  8. Awesomely cute, Keight! I totally think you should take them to all the crafty shops in the county to sell, and maybe even the baby store near Penny's (if it's still there.) They're adorable, and baby girl will be so cute in them. Can't wait til she finds out about your love gift to make something for her every day since the day you knew she was coming. I'm still so amazed by that, especially since I can hardly sew a straight line!~IMPRESSIVE!