play hard, sleep harder

when you haven't seen your england-dwelling best buddy in almost 3 months

and you spend and afternoon at the pool with him


taking in the lovely sights,


being in forced photos,

putting on your best tolerant faces,

checking each other for shrinkage,

and giving diving seminars,

you may tend to crash pretty hard at naptime in the middle of a diaper change and embarrassing photos may be taken. but don't worry, you look amazing, even in nude repose.
...oh, to be one year old.


  1. What you can't see from the pictures is that Judah wore himself out trying to wriggle out of our hands the entire time in the pool so that he could swim (sic) on his own. This is an unfortunate time because he adores water and hates not having the freedom to explore it by himself like a big kid. Anyone give infant swimming lessons?

  2. File this one under "Embarrassing Photos to Show Future Wife". Hilariously precious all rolled in one!

  3. Love the pics! Great documentation. These boys better appreciate us germinating this friendship from a tender age! Love you guys!