totally WIP'ed

there really is magic in showing off your unfinished business.

ever since i posted my work-in-progress (WIP) wednesday stuff, i have been nose to the grindstone (forehead to the bobbin?) to finish up layla's project and show it off.

what all those little squares were: a pillow for layla's crib/room/head!

i die. seriously, i am beyond in love with this thing

i was fresh off judah's quilt and wanted to keep the magic alive with another quick quilting project. so i pulled out a bunch of my tiny "good folks" scraps leftover from layla's quilt. the pillow is only 11x15" so these squares are little bitty.

some of the fabrics are so rare and hard to get ahold of that i hardly had ANY for layla's quilt to begin with. so finding even more little squares of these rare gems was tough. and i really wanted every fabric in the line to be represented here, because i am a sick freak who thinks anyone might ever really count them and know. to get the rarest ones, i actually had to sew together a few WEENY pieces just to get a 3"x3" sqaure's worth out of it. i milked the junk out of those scraps!

and for extra softness, both sides of the pillow are quilted. so theres the pillow, and then essentially two quilts (fabric-batting-fabric sandwiches) cover it up. i used one of the decorative stitches on my machine to get a different effect. it's a squiggledy line.

and then i wanted to put her name on it but since the fabrics are so busy and colorful, i went with crisp white for the letters so they would really pop and then appliqued them on. more white for the binding and then i [reluctantly] turned it over to little stinkerbell herself.

you can see on that yellow fabric where i had to piece two scraps together to get a big enough square. you can also see my FLAWLESS applique (i brag because i care) and my shmeh-blah quilting lines (practice makes perfect)

i used the same fabric for the back as i did on her quilt. it's one of my most faves from that line. i love that it's gray like her not-so-girly room but also pink because, hello? she IS a chicky boom boom, after all. please note how i intentionally lined up the stripes to be opposites on either side and framed it all with the dots (i am maturing before your very eyes). i do wish i had used the backing fabric as the binding for the envelope seam instead of the white because i wanted a more seamless look there and less POP "here's the opening right here!" effect.

a bit blurry, but still. dont you wish this was where you slept? so relaxing and tranquil.

tranquility is overrated. toddzilla is not.


  1. i die!! i am seriously thinking of changing my name to layla and coming to confiscate her stuff. and i totally noticed and thought to myself how killer your applique was on layla's name. seriously hard core. i'm SO impressed with the whole thing!
    p.s. i adore the squiggly stitching!!

  2. Aww I have a Layla too! I love this pillow. Good Folks is my all-time favorite line. I'm just now completing my collection.

  3. @meredith. that is SO weird. layla good folks twinsies. good luck with your collection. i was a teeny bit (lots) sad to see my last few fibers of 3 prints go to this pillow.

    @merran on the day that layla and her entire room go missing, i know exactly who to call.