hope lost/found & 20% off my etsy shop

remember when i raved about our friend ryan kiesshauer's debut album? and how i gave away one of his CD's in my first ever bloggy giveaway?

well 2 years later, we still listen to and love every track of this CD. ryan wrote every note and every word and it is just mind-blowingly good (especially with his awesome wife bethany singing harmony). if you dont believe me, you can listen to a sample here. ryan is not one of those artists who thinks that because he took guitar for a semester and loves jesus that that means he needs to become a songwriter. yuck. i'm sure jesus appreciates those songs of praise, but i dont. this is well written, well-played music from a seriously talented guy.

well ryan is selling his album for 50% off. you can now get one of his "hope lost/found" CD's for just $5. that's just 38 cents per track! worth it!!! go buy one NOW in his store.

as a reward, and to offset this meager investment, i am offering 20% off my entire etsy shop for anyone who purchases a CD from ryan this week. dont be sneaky...i will check and make sure you have already bought a CD. just enter the code KIESS20 at checkout.

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