the odds are ever in your favor

yes. HUNGER GAMES is all i am thinking about right now. dear jesus, please dont let them butcher those priceless novels. katniss was perfectly casted. please help her to bring it home. amen.

if you read these books and didnt like them, that's probably a deal-breaker for me and you to ever date each other. just saying. D12 fa' life!

but really the odds i am referring to are for winning a free jewelry roll in the fabric of your choice from ME! my friend ashley writes for she {hearts} it and she reviewed a roll she bought from me a while back.

the odds are already in your favor because only about 5 people have entered. wahmp-wahmp.

go. enter. conquer. and beware of tracker jackers and foxface.


  1. So I'm starting to get excited about the Hunger Games. When I read the first one, I wasn't hooked. I thought it was good but I wasn't invested in the story. I gave in last week and started reading Catching Fire and now I'm fully hooked.

    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  2. I was going to congratulate you on that feature. I don't get why more people haven't entered...I have always coveted your jewelry rolls. Well, maybe now I'll git me one!
    And, I haven't read Hunger Games yet, but maybe I should. It's all I keep hearing about!

  3. Just reread Hunger Games (I won't say for the xth time!) and cannot be more excited! Hoping I can find a babysitter for Friday night! I am already not loving the casting for Peeta.....maybe seeing it will change my mind!

  4. The biggest dilemma of my life right now is deciding whether to play it safe and dress as Katniss for opening night, or to do something a little unexpected and be Glimmer. What a conundrum. I can't even hold in my excitement and my family is so sick of hearing about it.

  5. jon may be taking me to see this for my birthday or else this would be an excellent first public date

  6. Ahhh! I read your heading and almost died! :) You are right- they better not butcher those novels!

  7. can someone actually NOT like the hunger games? there are people out there like that? what has the world come to?