these kids. oh they make me happy. they make me crazy in the brain and have made my breast density decrease by a factor of 5, but mostly they just make me happy.

i love how out of all the kids in the world, i would still pick judah and layla to be mine. obviously if two different sperm had won their races and we had 2 different kids, i wouldnt be sitting here wondering or missing judah and layla because i would have and be happy to be the mom of melkizar and tubal-cain (there are lots of weird sperms names, people. i dont make the rules).

sure there is something primal and inborn that makes us say, "these are MINE and i love them most," but it's awesome when a moment lines up so nicely that makes you say, "even if these werent mine, i'm pretty sure i would still like them best."

gah. how could i not?

i must squeeze him


you guys, she's kind of a badass.

where would i be without two-year old stances like this. priceless.

left: present day. right: 6 months ago. SAME DRESS. holy mess these kids refuse to stay little!!!


  1. Golly geeeeeze your kids are cute! Just love layla's faces :) and those 6-months-ago baby chunk legs... gonna go squeeze on my lil one's right now, for fear they'll be gone all too soon!

  2. Oh I feel you on this. Ezzy just GETS me, and Jack is the sweetest babydude I know; I feel like I won some sort of kid lottery all the time.

  3. The picture of Judah with Layla in growling in the background slays me.

  4. my mom just saw these pictures (she's visiting), and she thinks that Layla looks exactly like you. and I owe you some photos of the amazing things you made for ouisie.