just because

this has been happening a lot lately with no prompting. you wont catch me complaining.

are they lobbying for a sandbox by climbing INTO the sand and water table (which is filled with dry rice and black beans because sand makes me insane)?

proof that god has a sense of humor: making these little guys who invisibly rappel down from branches, roofs and umbrellas to brighten our days with their sinusoidal movement.

she's kind of fashion-y too, yall

see? happening a lot. (and that would be dry rice stuck in her snot on her face. layla gets 40% of her fiber intake from eating the contents of this play table...and a free pollen inoculation!)


  1. More hopeful indicators that our kids are soul mates: I was showing Annabel the first set of pictures of Judah and Layla from across the table, asking if she remembered playing with them. Totally randomly, she says, "I want to stand on the table." I ignore this comment and continue scrolling, only to find the next picture of Judah standing on the table. She just gave me this big smile with a look like, "See, mom, HE gets me." Haha.

  2. that is AMAZING!! they will get married