back at it

after not sewing anything for 2 weeks, i am back in the sewing saddle (thats a fun image). beyond feeling too gross to blink, much less create, i also didnt want to infect any of my recipients with any of the funk that was living in me and our house. but not that i am feeling better i have been jonesing to make things.

i finished one huge project that will get its own post, cranked out a few scarf orders and then got to tackle some more unique stuff that i dont do a lot of.

this is a reversible pinafore top for my friend tiff's new baby. i love this pattern and have made several for layla because they are perfect for the smoking heat of summer. this is the best looking one i have ever made. please note how the green fabric has the pattern centered AND the pocket pattern match up. this is a first-rate pop stand i am running here.

a set of 7 fobs for jennifer who sent me her own fabric! i love the little guy hanging out with the big kids.

and a custom camera strap cover for an etsy customer. i really love making these. and i hope i remembered to take out my lens cap before i shipped this.

something about spring and march and the prospect of warmer weather just makes me nutty with wanting to make new things, spruce up old corners of the house, eat better and live right. god is quite the clever bird for making the seasons the way he did. almost like he knows what we need. does this weather/season have yall chomping at the bit to accomplish anything?


  1. omg! it is AWESOME!!! i LOVE the fabric so much!!!! can't wait to put it on my baby girl :)

  2. Jennifer is so freaking excited!! I thought they would be cute, and now they are "famous" too. ;) Wow true customer satisfaction. They look amazing, so excited to get them in the mail...Thank you

  3. So right about the weather. I've been feeling like a new person all week, and ready to tackle all kinds of things...mostly losing weight and exercising, but there's just a general feeling of, I still have energy to do something after work besides get supper and sit (until today-wasn't ready for the cold windy thing this afternoon.) Thanking Jesus for the beauty and warmth of the sun and the loveliness of the sky.