i dont get it & friends

i have noticed that there a few things that almost everyone i know or hear about seems to love. i hear nothing but rave reviews about these things, but i just cant get on board or enjoy them. but because all the other humans seem to rave about these things, i usually give them another try every year or so to see if maybe i was being silly before and i do in fact, love these universal people-pleasers.

so far, i have not changed my mind once. here's my list:

-dogs inside my house
-greek yogurt
-swimming in the ocean

this concludes the most riveting blog post you have ever read. next week: free stuff!

OH! one more fun update. i hung out with my new lady friend last night. this was our 2nd date. we hung out once last week at her house with all of our kids. if youre a mom who's ever tried to converse with another mom while your kids are around, you know that about 82% of a sentence and maybe a stray gerund or prepositional phrase is the best you can hope to spit out before you have to divert your attention to an intolerably dirty foot (judah...kid can stand being dirty/wet), a recurring head injury (layla, falling off of a tiny doll's wagon repeatedly), or the fact that, whoopsie, we are all along in the room all of a sudden which means our 4 kids are on a bender somewhere alone (everyone).

but last night, i invited her over to our house after all the offspring's bedtimes. jesse was at a ministry function so it was just me and her. as annoying as trying to talk with kids is, it's also provides many handy breaks in and distractions from the potential awkwardness that comes in getting to know someone new. but last night, it was just us. eeps!

like i normally do because i am a freak, i prepared a list of conversation topics and smooth questions in case the convo petered out. well, she left 3 hours and 15 minutes later and i never had to resort to my lame "friendmaking 101" tricks. i turned nary a trick.

but before we had even started talk, magic because when she walked in she said she had brought me something. and, yall, she pulled this out of her pocket:

one perfect, pristine block of sharp cheddar cheese. greater love hath no man...

and then i offered her some of our leftover amazing publix key lime pie and she said yes and we sat around and ate pie together! i feel like it's not every gal who would just step in off the street and accept my pie! it's also a great sign that she wasnt scared of being poisoned by the crazy internet lady.

we talked about TV, jesus, science, parenting, hair, money, cleaning and oh so much more. but the cheese and pie where what really told me, in my very own love language, that this friendship is going to work out just fine.

we exchanged dairy products, so yeah, it's pretty serious.


  1. That's because you've never had a real tomato. Like the kind straight out of my grandaddy's garden. Hmmm...ok, I'm determined to make you a tomato lover.
    I love greek yogurt, but I can understand why some don't.
    Now if you had said brussel sprouts, I'd totally be on board. I made them last night and Andrew and I looked at each other and said "Yep. Still gross. Still don't like 'em."

  2. I don't love any of those things either except dogs in my house. And I would love to bring you cheese and have some key lime pie! If only Georgia wasn't so far away.

  3. i wish you could come over and craft with me. sad face.
    i hate dogs in the house. i despise radiohead. i only like some tomatoes. i'm not over the moon about glee. i shudder at the thought of putting on a bathing suit, so swimming anywhere is out of the question. but i LOVE greek yogurt. plain with honey. DIVINE!

  4. Hurrah for a fun friend! And for cheese!

    And also: I noticed that you didn't have Revenge on the list. Is this because you like now or because you haven't tried-and-rejected it yet?

    I'm with you on just about everything on your list - except tomatoes. They're growing on me, in certain applications.

    Swimming in lakes and oceans gives me the heebily-jeebilies. Mostly lakes for me. Ew.

  5. sounds lame...I would have just gone to Hunger Games

    1. by lame I meant great and yall should take that block of cheese with you to see hunger games...and pie.

  6. Dude, making lady friends as an Adult, outside of college, is possibly one of the most uncomfortable things I've done since actually becoming an Adult. To the point that no matter how much I think about moving away from upstate NY, I don't think i could ever actually do it because i'd have to (gasp!) make new friends. Props to you, keight. Mad props.

  7. Hi! New to reading you. Great post! My kids are making new school friends, which automatically come with potential new parent friends for me. It's like the bars for parents!
    Awesome your second "date" went so well!

  8. OMG... I really don't get Radiohead OR bike riding. everyone I know loves both things and I keep trying them and just... nope. I feel ya!