top cheflette

my favorite kind of mess is no mess. but i have kids and i am kind of lazy, so i forfeited the right to that reality. but if there has to be a kid-made mess, i would almost always prefer a huge ridiculous one over a medium sized one. this is because medium sized messed make me insane and frustrated and annoyed. but gigantic messes usually are so out of control that they bypass my angry/annoyed sensors and go straight to hilarious dumbfoundedment.

such was the case here.

and then again when i put judah on his potty one day while i was really distracted and forgot to notice that the BOWL wasnt inside of the frame until he informed me, "mah poop on floor." poor guy got MAJOR points for stopping mid-movement to tell me once he realized what was happening so i could go get the bowl. i was SO thankful he had when i saw the last half of that payload safely caught. it could have been much worse. mostly i just laughed and apologized to the kid while i cleaned up the tiny pile on my carpet. it was so bad that it was funny.

and such was the case when jesse decided to break my rule of not taking the main snack mothership (box of crackers, full bag of grapes, bag of chips) out of the kitchen. i always give the kids food in little them-sized bowls. but when jesse is being awesome dad and taking care of the kids, he can do it his way. and he did.

the pictures dont capture the full devastation of the event. i think jesse had cleaned up a lot of these before he took the pics. this was an almost-full box of cheerios and she poured out and slung every one of them all over the living room. it was so bad that it was good.

"well you cant judge it now. i havent even started cooking yet!"

if "top chef" has taught us anything, it's that breakdowns are inevitable in this business.


  1. I am crying over the fact that she wasted all those delicious Cheerios.

  2. did you let the dogs in to quickly and effectively clean up the mess? i never have to clean Sibby's highchair seat, because our 3 dogs are waiting in the wings for me to remover her so they can clean out all the crumbs she left smeared between the chair pad and the seat! Of course I don't let them lick the tray clean...ok well, sometimes i do, but I always wash it afterwards....well mostly!

  3. Oh and they were PEANUT BUTTER TOO :-(

  4. Um, wasted...right. Yeah, what a shame because it definitely wouldn't be cool to just put them back in the box. If you add them all up individually, I think the 10 second rule still applied.

  5. My son did this with a brand new bottle of baby powder all over his soon to be little brother's room! I totally understand the bypassing of anger to sheer amazement and astound for what just happened and the fun that was probably had making that mess!!

  6. Oh so funny! My youngest (of three) is just a few weeks older than Layla and so would SO do that- except she would climb up on the table and dance afterwards.... Adorable.

  7. that is awesome. luke did that to me when he was younger too. and he also ended up laying in it. so funny and great for a photo op. i love how sassy layla looks in that first picture. she kills me.