WIP wednesday

i dont usually get down on the theme-bloggy posts, but i am doing so today. lots of sewie/quilty/crafty blogs use wednesdays to showcase their works-in-progress. i think this is great because it gives you accountability ("hey, blogger, how's the blanket you started 2 years ago doing?") and the shame avoidance (seeing your own unfinished work documented and mocking your laziness from the past) that you sometimes need to keep a project alive. it's also great because seeing just the sparkly, gorgeous finshed products on blogs all the time can be a little intimidating and make you feel like a stupid idiot for some of the half-done messes you have currently on your sewing table.

so here are two things that i am currently working on and am REALLY excited to finish up:

a little something for miss lay-zer. obviously, since it's in her "official" fabric line

and a $5.99 sparkle-buttoned polo shirt from the juniors department of ross. oh this is a tale of tears and anguish and broken trust. but i think it has a happy ending. also, bonus: the brand of the shirt is "illusion" with a peace sign logo. CLASSAY!

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  1. Ohhh...can't wait to see what you've got up your crafty little sleeve.