the march sponsor giveaway winners have freshly picked by the random robot this morning. here are the results:

the winner of the free item from crochet melly is:

fortune favors the latecomers! that means the lucky winner is:
and the winner of the free earrings from poppy chain boutique:

I am repulsed by squeaky cotton between my teeth. Spiney chills just thinking about that. Can you picture putting a towel in your mouth and it squeaking between your teeth? Yeah, that's the feeling.

Now I can't stop cringing. Thanks. It is a good thing those earrings are so lovely, else this repulsion wouldn't be worth it...

holy cow, i am SO glad that i asked yall to leave your weirdest fear/revulsion. i was lol'ing like mad all day as they came in. soft things! maggots! bare feet! vultures! jello! sticky hands! wet clothes! though i am a little nervous that one day i will meet you and accidentally gulp liquid, click my teeth, slurp a soda can, or leave a strand of my wet hair on you and you will kill me. or if i accidentally drop a great white shark in your swimming pool :)

i am actually glad natasha won, because her revulsion cracked me up possibly the most (though wet wood was up there too) due to its raging specificity and her effort to power through describing it to enter the giveaway.

yall email me and i will get you in touch with your craftswomen! (putapuredukes (at) gmail (dot) com)

and dont forget to use the generous discounts at both of the shops:

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