a meal 2 years in the making

it took me 2 years, a burst of productivity and a set of yard sale-found cafeteria style plates with compartments begging to be filled for me to finally put together a highly nutritious and balanced meal for judah. judge on, judgers.

turkey sausage, berries, cheese, almonds, sweet potato fries and a 30/70 apple juice/water blend. and my little booger head.

up until this point the kid was made up of 40% chicken nuggets, 25% cheerios, 10% hot dogs, 10% grapes, 5% gummy vitamins (there's the nutrition!), 5% bathwater and 5% that yummy crumb crust that fills up his carseat and my entire back seat. shame on me...i know.

that's not even including the 9 months he spent in me where he was a tasty mix of krystal/captain d's/mcdonalds. more shame.

but before i get too proud of myself for this one shining moment of mommyhood, i must add that he has never eaten a meal at the table at home. we have no dining table. we did, but we hated it and hardly used it, and then it got ganked for sewing when it turned out layla needed a room after all.

we used to use the coffee table in the living room as our meal table for awhile, which usually consisted of us wolfing down dinner while judah did laps and we tried to shove a spoonful of something in as he flew by. but we chucked that when judah turned 2 and transformed into snarling, sprinting, tackle-monster with blood made up of the stuff that gushers fruit snacks are filled with. the kid does.not.stop. the table had to go so he could spread his wings and run amok to his full potential.

so now we eat on the floor. or and overturned plastic bin in this special instance. it's european style...circa 1347 AD.

forgive us if we dont invite you over for dinner. by age 3 judah will probably be too classy for this joint. but youre always welcome to come over and jump off our couches or body slam jesse (platonically, of course. the fancy body slams are all mine).

so right...almonds.

this is why i dont usually blog after 9 pm.


  1. super healthy and super cute kid! we DO have a table and i'm ashamed to admit since i've been feeling so bad that we have had many 'picnics' in the den...watching little einsteins while we eat. :( but that dinner looked awesome. i've never thought of turkey sausage as a dinner meat! yum!

  2. My car is also covered in remnants of food, or whole gold fish that Caleb has decided he would rather throw then eat. It is harder to make a balanced meal happen then I ever thought especially when you don't know what they will actually eat. So no judgment here.

  3. We had dinner picnic style last night too from the sheer exhaustion of a weekend kids camp. We have to have those laid back times.

  4. Love it. Judge on, judgers! And oh, my, he is just so adorable.

  5. yep. i love you. it's official. Enough to bring me out of lurking and actually comment...we eat in the living room All. The. Time. I bought a coffee table for $10 off craigslist to redo it...but haven't b/c in it's current condition, I don't care what the kids do to it. So, they eat there. (and it's not always healthy) And they craft there. And they do gymnastics/swordfights/crazy lunatic kid stuff there...and my carpets need to be replaced like 5 years ago...
    Anyhow - this post made me happy to know I'm not the only mom who does this..there are way cooler moms than me who eat in the living room too!

  6. Annabel and Judah should have roughly the same food tastes by the time they are our age, because it sounds like her diet has been pretty much identical to his. That is, with the addition of a heckuva lot of mac & cheese and pb & j. And, oh don't you worry, I'm one step below you: many nights Annabel eats her own dinner, by herself, in front of her TV. Meaning the TV in her room that's just for her. (JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE)