like i always said...

at least she is proud of it now...

this is a farce. she doesn't even watch the show. my dad is the true superfan, but also a reknown photo-curmudgeon and clearly refused to pose.

my mom and dad have lost tons of weight in the past few years. they got pretty beefy travelling all over the country to watch me play volleyball and constantly tailgating and eating out. they lost a bunch of weight for my wedding, but now even those "after weight loss" wedding photos look like "before" photos because of how much farther they've come even since then. they've lost something like 150 lbs (ED: nope, more like 80 lbs together. guess they weren't that big after all.) together and they look and feel great.

before. my last home game. let's not discuss my face and hair choice. (tiny harper flashback in the background!)

the halfway point...our wedding.

after. to infinity and beyond.

they are lean, mean, organic machines. my mom hasnt missed a day of exercise in about 3 years. they are an AWESOME example of balance and not going crazy (unless you think the 3 year exercise streak is crazy...). for instance my dad picked the varsity as our mothers' day lunch/judah drop-off location (nice one, dad) and they both ate the food there. 95% of the time, day in and day out, when it isnt a special occasion they eat lean meats/fish, produce and whole grains, but if we're on vacation or are celebrating something, a fritter, steak or white-sugared dessert will be partaken of. it really cool to see them have this junk on lockdown as a livable lifestyle after doing a lot of yo-yo exercise and diet plans my whole life.

they are out west visiting my brother and hiking this week. this picture makes me so happy. at 50 and beyond they took their lives and health back! my dad's dad died of a heart attack at just 49, and my dad is now 61 and more fit than ever! my mom could probably fit back into her UGA cheerleading uniform from over 30 years ago.

get it, padres! i'm so proud of yall and thrilled that you will be around to love on (and babysit!) for decades to come.


  1. Love it! My parents have changed their lifestyle too and it is truly inspiring! They are in way better shape than I am right now. I also love the new blog header and will be emailing you soon about a custom miracle swaddle!

  2. That's amazing. And, I think I have the dress your mom's wearing in your wedding photo! Ann Taylor Loft?

  3. Love those two! Wish I could give them a hug! Get it Vincents!