tickle me layla

i wrote in her 6 month post about how layla seriously cracks up at certain things on TV. previously it was pretty much just curious george whenever he makes his most monkely noises. but yesterday we threw in a random episode of sesame street because, even though i adore it above all others, george was getting a little old and she was getting a big kick out of elmo.

you can't really hear the audio because i have my hand over the mic, but you dont really need to. it's just elmo saying, "welcome to elmo's world! elmo is so glad to see you." layla is very pleased by his enthusiasm to see her.

she doesn't actually make any noise when she does this move. it's like a pantomime of a big belly guffaw. i love how she is stone cold locked on and then has her laugh and then back to her "yeah, what's new" face. and how when judah walks past her at the end she immediately goes after him like a little puppy. without fail.

have i mentioned i love this little weird-bot baby girl?


  1. oh, i love her! she's just so snuggly and precious!

  2. freaking love her! and you. need some layla time sooooon.

  3. Love her! She and I are cut from the same cloth (see how I did that right this time???!). If she could be talk, she'd just be saying "Funny!!!"

  4. I needed that! Miss you guys so much!