doing time

a conversation with an offender. shifty eyes, conflicting answers. he's totally guilty.

i'm not sure he get's it. but that won't stop me from putting him in the slammer every time he goes extreme parkour-ing over his little sister. at least he plans to jump high.

and for a kid that asks "wwwwwwhy?" ALL the time, you would think he would know how to field that question a little better.


  1. GAH! He is so sweet, even with the shifty eyes! Adorable. My two year old was VERY interested in this video, and she insisted on watching "Ju-dah" (big emphasis on the JU) again :)

  2. OH.MY.GOSH. You seriously make the prettiest babies EVER. Just looking at their pics over to the right...look like Gap ads!

    And, I do not know how I will ever keep a straight face when "punishing" our future kids if they are anywhere close to the cuteness factor of yours!

  3. Oh my gosh that was like 'who's on first' there for a second. That was TOO precious!!!! I need to see him

  4. I love Judah and his number one shirt.

  5. You get an A+ on parenting for EVER being able to put that adorable munchkin in time out. Great chatter (on your part!)