bops on the loose

instead of doing a real blog post today, i devoted some time to finally setting up an etsy listing for my boppy covers. i just made one for my friend abby and think i finally have the process down to a science enough that i feel good "going public" with them on etsy.

horn tooting: i love making these and think they make a seriously awesome baby gift. i can say that the one i made myself for layla was my most used AND favorite piece of her gear. now that she is done nursing and we don't need it as much because her neck is strong, i am going to cut out the letters and use them in something more permanent.

here's a pictoral ode to all of the versions of these i have made. check out my shop if you or someone you know NEEDS one of these (re: everyone!).

a reader's ADORABLE son rocking his bike and dots cover. LOVE!


  1. these are AWESOME! totes awesome. :) great work keight!

  2. I will ABSOLUTELY be ordering bunches of these! I have so many pregnant friends right now, and I need one for our new baby girl as soon as we can pick a name! Can't wait! Serious talent!

  3. I want a cover for my travel pillow hehe!

  4. I just want to leave a 150% satisfied customer comment :). I purchased a personalized boppy cover for my little sister, Rebecca, who will be having a little precious girl sometime in the near future.

    Rebecca was frustrated by her MIL who was picking out EVERYTHING for the nursery without her opinion. SO, I sent Rebecca the links to Keight's fabrics (didn't tell her what she was picking fabrics for!) and let her go to town in picking three fabrics (front, back, and name). Throughout the process, she and her husband mulled over pretty fabrics and finally picked their favorites!

    THEY WERE FLOORED when they received the boppy cover (I actually bought the boppy, put the cover on it, and then put it back in the boppy bag :)). She told me it is the most thoughtful, personalized gift she has ever received and it is on display in the nursery until Ada Brock gets here!

    Just wanted to share :). Thanks to Keight, I may be in the running for favorite aunt :).