baby + pool

another glorious first in the life of our little girl. first time in the pool. we went to our BFFamily the harper's memorial day party and layla got to don her lycra swimmies, get slathered in SPF 70 and take a dip for the first time in her chunky little life.

she chilled in her carseat for the first hour or so totally content to take it all in while big brother went bananas in the water. hat: gift, swimmies: hand me down, shoes: baby teva flops from gamma, sunglasses: megasale from AEkids.

still has that new shoe taste

when looking at the picture above i realized that layla and i have pretty identical bodies when we wear swimsuits: protuding white belly, muscle-less white thigh abundance, no calves. it's pretty hilarious. sadly, no one comes up to me and says, "look at all those rolls! oh what a healthy girl!"

look at those curves!

i'll take 3 dozen of her, please.

she loved the water. if you couldnt tell by her granny lips.

even after tons of sunscreen layla got a little bit of color (brown, not red). she is now tanner than me. hooray! there is hope for her that she got some of her daddy's skintone. no one should have to live this purple-white freckled life.

the only evidence we have of how hard he played that day. 2 minutes after getting in the car to drive home

this was our dress rehearsal for our annual beach trip with the harpers coming up in july. i would have to say that it went swimmingly (yikes. sorry. oh it hurts.)


  1. oh my gosh. i am dying. those pics of layla in the pool kill me. the cutest little punkin ever!
    p.s. i am purple white too. despise it.

  2. HA! the granny lips has my rolling on the floor over here... ;)

  3. Granny Lips are hilarious. Would have noticed the sweet little round chin, but after you saying that, I looked back and died laughing.