6 months

lay-lay! you are 6 months (and a little extra, sorry!) old. man, you just keep getting better and better. here's what you were up to during your 6th month (4.14-5.14).

you're pretty. and hilarious

-you are still the easiest baby in the western world. you are so chill and go with the flow and only cry if you're hurt. you do make sassy screaming noises when you're hungry and want food NOW or when there's a toy you can't reach, but you never seem to fuss for no reason. we are wondering if this is going to be a life trait or if youre just content now because you pretty much get 100% of what you want/need. it should be interesting when you start hearing "no" or coming up against some boundaries.

happy just to be here

-you go to bed at 7pm and get up at 8am. usually we hear that you are awake because you are in there laughing or yelling to yourself. it'svery rare that we hear you crying first. sometimes i wonder if you've been in there for an hour or two just having a blast with yourself.

this is what we walk in to after naps and in the mornings. SUNSHINE!

-you are ten million times smilier than judah was at this age. i make you smile the most. dont ever change that. daddy and judah are second place. curious george is 3rd. seriously you will sit there and watch that show and laugh whenever george talks. like a granny watching her programs.

gosh i love that smiley face

keep them coming

so happy (photo: raechel myers)

-your hair looks like it has laid down the foundation in preparation to actually grow. we cant wait. it is going to be SO weird to see you with hair. we love your little fuzzy monkey bald head so much.

blonde fuzziwisps

-you are REALLY interested in moving. you are up on your hands and knees and starting to rock. there is no keeping you on your back anymore. this makes diaper changes extra exciting. you are always spinning to grab the diapers and wipes and tubes of cream from the basket behind your head. i wish you would hold off and just be a laying-on-the-floor baby for or 4 more months, but i think you have other plans. you made your first official forward (thought primarily backward) crawling motions on your 1/2 birthday at they myers' house. i think you were trying to keep up with all the big kids.

-you love your feet. on the increasingly rare occasion when you lay on your back you have to be holding them. like youre doing a pregame stretch.

stretch those glutes!

speaking of pregame, here's you practicing your volleyball armswing. lefty!

-a talent you have yet to display with us it the ability to fall asleep anywhere. at our house you only sleep in your crib or your carseat if transferring from car nap. but several folks who have kept you have somehow managed to get you to fall asleep happily in the middle of their living rooms. i appreciate this trait because it makes babysitters like you even more.

our our friends' the bryants' couch. ADORE!

-you are finally 100% swaddle-free. we would use that baby off and on right up until your 6 month birthday when you could bust out of it within 3 seconds.

-you are all kinds of grabby. you have tipped more than one full plate of food into our laps and are getting your hands on things that remind us all about babyproofing and not having any infant-windpipe-sized objects in our house.

awwww a knife. baby's first brandish. (be calm, its a felt ikea play kitchen knife)

-you smell amazing. you smell so much like a soft sweet baby still. this is amazing because (and a reason that) we hardly ever give you a bath. is that so shameful? i swear you are clean and not greasy or rashy. you never get dirt under your nails and rarely poop up your back or out the side. i would say you get a bath every 2 weeks. judah used to get one every day without fail, but you just dont seem to need them for cleanliness or as a part of your bedtime routine. when you do get in the tub you go ballistic. like a squirming jumping, bouncing, splashing terror. i have to be in there with you to keep you from trying to swim yourself under (the baby tub is a hassle so now that you are sitting up like a star...did i mention that? you go in the big girl tub with me). maybe you wouldn't flip out so much if we did it more often, but youre just the easiest baby and you came with a self-cleaning mode i guess.

-you can drink some milk/formula like nobody's business. you get a bottle about 4x per day now and drain it like whoa. sometimes without taking a breath. though if anything is going on (TV, judah, the slightest motion out the corner of your eye) you ditch the bottle, letting all the current mouthfull spill into your neck creases and turn your head to watch what's going on. it's very ADD and normal for this age but slightly annoying to try to feed through one of these distracti-spells.

very happy after a drink. hahahahah. milk coma.

-you still love your paci when you sleep or in the car and i will say that it's pretty handy in those regards. i dont want you to be attached to it like crazy when youre 2 or 3 but it is great for right now. you work so hard on it that you have paci curve indentions on your sweet cheeks afterward. easy, girl.

i promise you love that paci, though you look a little dubious about it here.

-you are still all about sucking in one lip or both to make hilarious faces. never ceases to crack us up:
(photo: raechel myers)

-you are loving food. fruit and cereal and veggies, you cant get enough. and you are getting really good at eating from a spoon. re: you dont spit 85% of the spoonful back out like you did at first. i would say your retention rate is about 78% now.

this was very early on in the month and your eating career. you end up much cleaner nowadays (dont judge our pink ornate cross jesus bib, it has our church's name on in and was a sweet gift). the flash is making you look even paler than you are and not as cute as you are in natural light. forgivesies.

-your epicureanism coupled with your fledgling manual dexterity led to this surprising milestone on mothers' day.

-you are so sweet and cuddly and and weird and sassy. we could not possibly love you more and wouldn't change a thing about everything you are, miss lady! i could go on and on but this is already long enough to make me dread writingediting/adding pics for the 7 month update (in 11 days!). i may find putting these together tedious, oh but i cant get enough of you!

happy 6 months layla-boo!


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