7 years ago today two 21-year-olds watched sports center TWICE back to back to avoid the awkward convo known as the DTR (define the relationship...lawd, that sounds so 7th grade lameballs, but i promise it's cool; esp when you just use the acronym).

jesse and i had been hanging out NONSTOP since meeting 2 weeks prior and we had realized that was weird for two totally uninterested-in-more people with complimentary private parts, and so maybe this was headed to more than friends. we decided to spend 2 days apart and think about how we felt and then we'd meet up on june 25th.

we couldn't even make it 24 hours apart. that was signal enough for me.

so finally after linda coen signed off for the second time on the night of the 24th we bit the bullet, "sooo....?" i said. then jesse, ever the man, just came out and said it, "i want to date you." to which i obviously said, "me too."

this was a first for me. in my experience, DTR's came after you liked someone enough (or had drank enough... truth.) that you ended up making out with them and then, whoopsie do, it was time to figure out if that had been just for funsies or for realsies. a super fun and ever-exciting way to live, but not the most soul-enriching in the long run for me.

so taking things slow and going from friends to dating without so much as a peck or confession of adoration was new for me. and kind of great. jesse was the first guy i ever dated after deciding to be exclusive with jesus. i dont think it always happens this way (free awesome man with every confession of faith!), i just happened to be redoynkulously fortunate to get a hole-in-one in the boy department.

our first kiss wouldnt actually be for nearly a week and i almost died thinking he would never give it up, but that's a different story.

7 years ago we became jesse and keight for the first time ever.

we didn't know that that moment was also paving the way for the existence of judah and layla and perhaps some TBA life forms as well. if i think about that too long my mind kind of implodes.

so, all in all, a good decision. a happy day.

taken on july 24th, 2004. we actually celebrated our 1 month dativersary. presh.


  1. totes presh. June 25 is also an important day for us :) we have our legal yet fake wedding day on June 25. long story.


  2. Jesse is so beardsey!

    Also, we always called it the RDC (relationship definition conversation) and it also felt slightly 7th grade.

    Although, in our case, our RDC took place in 10th grade, so that's not too far off!

    Happy loving each other and being made for each other!

  3. I have never heard that story before! I love it!

  4. I LOVE stories about defining the relationship. (We have a couple good ones ourselves.) Congratulations on your 'anniversary'!

  5. aw, that is so sweet, keight!! and you had me rolling in the floor laughing over this!! you are such a funny writer. :D