jaw dropper

through some mind-boggling twist of god's provision, generous hearts, and sheer dumb luck, today we have a team of youth kids from the catholic church doing a mission project...for us!

it's humbling to be the recipients of mission work, and kind of strange since we are SO materially blessed (even in this really hard financial time for our fam), but we are very gratefully accepting the help of all these strong hands for the next two days and trying not to drown them in waves of "thank you so much."

i may have just forced a popsicle on one of the girls who wanted to work through the break, "take it! it's dora!" why is it so much harder to give undeserved help than it is to receive it? working on the whole "poor in spirit" thing.

can't wait to show you what they (and jesse leading them) are working on!

and here's what i was working on this time last year:

some of my best work. top 2, at least.

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  1. Curious to learn what they are working on. Have I told you lately how jaw-droppingly beautiful my great niece Layla is?