perfect storm

jesse was gone ALL last week: monday 8 am until saturday at 2 am for a conference.

i worked my normal, full-time job last week as usual and came home to do all the parenting from 3 pm til bedtime.

layla mastered crawling (quasimodo-style), pulling up and cruising last week. she also started teething.

judah was a perfectly normal (aka buttcrazy rabid baby wookie) 2 year old boy all last week.

our 6 month pictures are being taken tonight at our house which means i finally have to finish laylas nursery, as well as detail all the areas we'll be taking pics in and make everyone presentable before then.

i am still decompressing from the firestorm of overwhelmedness that was the past 7 days, but i am so thankful for this life we have and am determined to claw past the stress to the magic.

good stuff is coming though: new family photos that we will treasure, a finally finished and hopefully perfected baby layla room, a mobile little lay-bay moving all over our house and the world, a renewed appreciation for everything that jesse does as my teammate, best buddy, and father to my kids, and a really tough struggle with paralyzing fear while being at home by myself that god is slowly but surely using to show me how to really trust him.

just like running is the hard work/sweaty, bug-in-the-mouth torture that melts by butt fat, a crazy hard schedule full of potential stress and opportunities to be patient and give grace are the things that feel like suffering, but which i am trying to persevere through so they will eventually melt the butt-fat off my character and let me live more daily in the hope of jesus christ (that was a viscously keight-ified version of romans 5:3-5). worth it.

off to make layla's room sparkle.


  1. So excited to see these pictures! A 6-month old Layla, a shiny and complete nursery, a reunited family and obviously some carefully assembled enesmbs.

    Good work holding down the fort this week, friend!

  2. i'm with your BFF: can't wait to see these promised pics!! :D

  3. Mobile version of your website is gorgeous... did you create that?

  4. Being a single parent is hard hard work, and you seem to have handled it admirably and, more importantly, with everyone intact! Well done. Can't wait to see pics of the nursery.

    FYI: I read "melt my butt fat" as "melt my butt face" and was SO CONFUSED. Just thought I'd share.

  5. Totally amazed that you attempted (and succeeded beautifully) with anything for Layla's room and the photos, much less designing, first time stitching, and assembling (I read the posts backwards) her amazing name art. Truly impressed with continuing to let Jesus conquer fear, and not shrink back from the daunting task of working, single parenting and being alone M-S am. Our God is an awesome God, and so are you.