now or never

brace yourself for way a lot of pictures. these are all from the last 2 or 3 weeks. i know if i don't post them now, they'll never make it, or we'll end up with a week of pure picture posts and lena will get grouchy and instant message me saying "weak post" every day because i didn't write a novel about her.

pretty freaking excited about his .75 b-day!

contemplating a mass breakout with his school buddies logan and lily. we didn't tell them it'd be 3 times faster if they took turns chewing the same part of the gate...they haven't learned math yet. ha ha, baby suckaz!

looking a bit shipwrecked in his classroom

fly me to the moon, daddy. i'll reward you with drool in your eye.

a million a day keeps the mommy at bay

at least mine aren't sandpapery

adorbs in daddy's hat

daddy was bouncing the treasured ball of patriotism off his head
here comes a hilarious series of judah's face. we got one with the smile and then he starts doing his staple camera face that SLAYS us.
a little bit of the stink-eye to start

intensified stink-eye plus clenched fist
stink-eye plus clenched-fist plus stressed constipation mouth

and then it goes pure gremlin mode. oh we are rolling at this point

it's my foot in a pot (sung to the tune of "d%!@ in a box")

on a date with our new BFF and hopefully future aunt kara. (TRIPP! get a clue and come home immediately!!!!)

i made another doggie for etsy. go buy it now.

danger looks evil here in judah's lap. judah tolerates the evil as well as the butternut squash mash

at carrabba's i tricked judah into eating an anchovy (my pregnant FAVE) along with tiny bits of steak so that he could have his first surf n' turf.

mmmmmSALTY kipper!
ALWAYS removes his left sock in the car and stuffs it in his mouth.

an undecorated (though much used) burp cloth surfaced in the laundry last weekend so i quickly embellished it. i kind of love this font. if you want a (clean) one of these with your kids initial, email me. i am gonna etsy them for $4

jo-ann was selling these "hip in a hurry" vinyl wall decoration things for 70% off so i got this set for the kitchen. i am now obsessed with these and plan to have them all over the house.

he's pole dancing. what?

getting excited to go full monty onstage

oh, choreography distracted by a cat

back on the beat...luckily we JUST safety-proofed this iron and glass tower of death shortly before it became judahs favorite pull up and dance station. it's anchored into a stud...no fear

and your reward for making it all the way to the end is the 5 week belly shot: sesame seed... and me looking like the biggest goober in history. this was RIGHT after i woke up, if that helps you understand the lisa vanilla plainface action that's going on. i am dying laughing looking at this.
thanks for weathing this picture-folder purge with me. i'll write something worthwhile soonsies.


  1. way to try and publicly humiliate me.

  2. I have vinyl wall art in my room and MG's! I love it! Hobby Lobby and Kohl's have them and they are usually on sale! I'm obsessed with them too! Also, a lady on etsy does them, I featured her on my blog, she's super cheap! I just might have to buy that doggie for MG! Judah is adorbs!

  3. Judah's stink-eye pierces me to the core :-)

  4. I laugh uncontrollably every time I look at the stink-eye montage.

  5. Love, love, love these photos! His faces are the BEST!!!

  6. judah's stink-eye is amazing!! im laughing so hard!! but obviously i LOVE the one from our dinner date at mr. fuji!

  7. aw man, I was coming to post my love for the "stink-eye" series too, only to find it was a renowned fave! Also, you look super skinny in the seed-shot! woop!

    Can't wait to get The Bug and the Pea together!!