giveaway 60 winner!

last night i copied all the entries in the photo captioning giveaway contest and showed them to jesse with the authors names removed. he picked a winner eventually but really liked a bunch so here are 3 honorable mentions:

Patricia said...
and we thought we had a little time before Judah tried the whole "teddy under the covers" diversion.
alicia said...
Dang! Shouldn't have left that trail of cheerios!

angie said...

and he gave a wild card "highbrow award" to my dad (which probably would have been in the top 2 if i was picking blind):
Lee said...
"I stand between you and Danger." (ed: our cat's name is Danger and he lives in the garage)

but the actual winner who is taking home the prize is:

joanna said...
Does this onesie make my butt look big?? Be honest.

jesse loved it because A: that onesie is too big for judah and does make his butt look huge and, B: his face 100% matches the caption. very well done joanna.
geez louise. this girl cannot stop winning things (she also was the first to complete the cooking challenge giveaway 55 that i have yet to update AND she won marisa's random drawing giveaway). if it wasn't a 100% blind selection by jesse, i would be getting suspicious. however it does go to show that faithful and frequent commenting pays off. email me for farmhouse vs. hil, jo and then i will put the remaining certificate up for winning in a later giveaway.


  1. Impossible!!! I thought a-DOOR-able was gonna win. I'm thrilled and I promise to back off with your next few giveaways :-)

  2. Joanna you are racking it up girl!