having regrets

so the first giveaway got a ragingly amazing response. because of this i figured that y'all were writhing with desire for jewelry rolls. so before the winner was even selected, i got my booty in gear and started churning out more with a henry-ford's-assembly-line pace of blistering efficiency. i evened ordered a huge assortment of zippers off ebay to avoid paying $2 PER ZIPPER at jo-ann in anticipation of your outcry for more jewelry rolls.
and then the responses started coming in on the latest poll of what the next giveaway should be.
huh. apparently NOT jewelry rolls. y'all want lunch bags. lots and lots of lunch bags. the one project that i completely failed on AND the most labor intensive project of any i have done so far (machine quilting...yuck).
so while i try to psych myself up to make lunch sacks, what am i going to do with all these:

the current stash (minus the red one which is gone, but i have the fabric and desire to make it again)

love this fab

this is a dark brown...not black

yearning to hold jewels

i decided to go outside of my personal style preferences and make this one girlie with purple fabric with musical trim. this was my first time lining the pockets with a different fabric.

i even added a ruffle to the back!

if i was gonna sell these on etsy i would have to charge between 18-23 bucks just to break even on the supplies plus sweat shop labor wages for my time and i seriously doubt anyone would be willing to pay that much. i even had some new ideas for adding different/more pockets and a new system for holding rings. alas. poor, poor me.
now here's the part where you tell me i'm crazy and these are WONDERFUL and you would pay $50 just to be able to own one of them and the thought of having another chance to win one in a giveaway stirs your loins. ready, set, go.


  1. Looks the same as a toiletry bag to me! I'll pay you for one!!!

  2. hey now i already have dibs on the brown and blue one!! and i WILL so pay 50 bucks for it! the blue ribbon could match my eyes, t-shirt and sign! ;).

  3. They are wonderful! I love them! I was really hoping I would win the giveaway! definitely worth $50 if I had an extra $50, i'd totally buy!

  4. oooo- I love the bright colored one with the blue ribbon! You make me want to get a sewing machine- except mine would sit in the box and I would probably never use it! So, I will just live vicariously through you!


  5. OOOOOOH...I love ALL these! I want one and I would def. be willing to pay for one!!