let me tell you why yesterday was a good day. in no particular order:

did you ever wonder what happened after wall-e and eve fell in love and lived happily ever after on a newer, greener earth?

evidently, they got. it. on! and had this precious robot sprog. called wall-eve (by me), this robot grew up tall and grew up right with them indiana boys on them indiana nights and THEN decided to enter the exciting medical field of obstetric imaging.

i met wall-eve for not the first time yesterday at my first OB appointment for baby #2 (as yet un-dorkily nicknamed). i had never noticed the family resemblance until yesterday probably because i am normally talking to jesse instead of looking around the room for disney characters' offspring. there was no jesse to talk to because he was in the air between boston and atlanta at this point. yes, he took a trip to mexico and due to the beauty of the standby system, got home by flying mex->nyc->boston->atlanta and just missed the appointment. not a huge deal, but yeah kind of, since he has been to every single other OB appointment we have ever had and i just feel like we are sending the wrong message to this baby. we are not, "oh it's the second one, who cares" type of people. nay, we want all the attention and hoopla we had with judah and then some.

you may have noticed wall-eve has two left appendages. one is the more traditional ultrasound that they show in the movies. the other is probetastic and you don't find out about until you're newly pregnant and it's too late to turn back. wall-eve and i now know each other well. and i mean know in the biblical sense. because this babe is the size of a lentil (bf natalie called it a little lentlit) they couldn't see it through my abdomen (they couldn't even see it through gisele's though, y'all) so i got the wrong end of the magic wand treatment.

the good news is that you can tell this kind of ultrasound is very thorough. i mean there's nowhere to hide extra babies from this thing. so i am very pleased to tell you that we are having: ONE BABY! yay! this may not seem like a big deal, but it so is. i was really feeling a twin vibe lately and fraternal twins run on my side of the fam (aka chicks in my family are prone to shooting out two eggs in one month). i have 3 sets of cousin twins and they all happen to be boy-boy sets (that is just crazy luck, not genetics). instead of constant nausea like with judah i have been feeling not-stop faint with this one. like, not just standing up real fast makes me dizzy, but even reaching over to answer the phone at work sends me straight to swoonsville. i feel like a total sissy and it was making my suspicious that i had 2 parasites instead of just one. but those fears have been allayed for now.

the circular thing is the yolk sac and the little puckered-lips looking thing to the left is the actual baby

totally looks like a piranha plant from mario brothers

and then immediately after the appointment i was off to pick up jesse at the airport. at this point i was running on EMPTY, you guys. four straight days of working full time, taking care of judah, the house, and the animals really just kicked my ass. nights were like POW torture for me. i normally sleep with earplugs in since i am a light sleeper and jesse is an awesome husband who will take the rare night episode from judah, but since it was just me i didn't this use them week. well, my newly liberated night-hearing was treated to every dog bark, judah noise or sleep fart in surround sound HD quality that jolted me out of sleep in a frenzied panic.

judah normally sleeps from 7 to 7 no sweat so i was so confused and beaten down when i was up at 12, 2, 4 and 6 with him these nights. he wouldn't even take bottles and it seemed to be pissing him off that i was coming in there when he would cry. if i had had my wits about me i would have realized that he wasn't really waking up when he was crying, but just doing a little twilight sleep action before settling back down. this is sleep training 101 and i missed it beacause i was so afraid of messing up by myself and leaving the little guy wailing all night. well last night he was a dream again with jesse on call and i got to sleep from 10 to 6.

i don't have a picture of the happy airport reunion because at that point i could hardly stand up, much less remember a camera. i texted jesse that he was not allowed to show his face at the top of the arrivals escalator unless he had a cheeseburger in his hands because its was 3:30 and all i had eaten all day was a cup of rice (i really was like a POW). after a joyous hug i traded him his firstborn for the cheeseburger with zero hesitation and then all was right in the world: k8+cheeseburger, jesse+son. judah wasn't as excited as i thought he'd be right when he saw jesse but he was also really hungry and had just woken up from a nap so we got the full blown daddy-love giddiness about 15 minutes later. it was outrageously precious and enough to make jesse never want to leave again (that's what i'm for!). single parents, you are heroes.

this is a picture of the goodbye. on monday morning

and the last reason yesterday was great is because it was judah's 10 month b-day! saying i am pregnant and have a 10 month old sounds so much less scary/insane than being pregnant with a 9 month old, so birthday bonus for mommy as well.

judah at the wheel. 10 and 2 o'clock

and here's last saturday's picture of 6 weeks with a lentil (starting to regret that whole documenting-every-week-with-a-belly-picture-no-matter-how-early idea).

no more excuses, let's face it, this is just what i look like


  1. I'm dying laughing (and coughing from residual pneumonia)again as the love story continues...wall-eve was a stroke of genius and I have no idea how you can got a perfect picture of the lovebirds on your blog...this seems like magic to me, especially since I still struggle with emailing photos or putting them on our prayer letter without Elissa's help.

    Happy baby #2 is holding on tight.--you look GREAT, especially for a mother of a 10 mo old who's 6 days and 6 weeks pregnant.

    Glad Jes made it through the tangled web of stand-by land, and that grand-Jes could come and entertain Judah bug while eve was exploring.

  2. during IVF, I get the "wand treatment" everyday for at least a month... it's just a wee bit intrusive

  3. ...exploring? Gross Mom! Good grief, look what you've inspired with your frankness Keight. I guess what goes around...

    There was also a taxi ride from JFK to La Guardia and the oh so fun, "try to sleep in an airport chair, but having a different limb go to sleep first" routine from 1-4:30.

    P.S. Wall-eve and the fireflower connection were HI-Larious.

  4. I think about cheeseburgers all the time, too. Wish I had pregnancy to justify my cravings, though I'm not quite prepared to get intimately acquainted with Wall-Eve for the privilege...
    On a side note, I've set aside Inspirational Squirrel for you. If you send anything, I have a total creepster request. Though I've never met Judah, I love reading about him. Would you trace his hand on whatever you send? You can decline if this is just too bizaare-o.


  5. I'm so excited you are going to do weekly posts! You look sooooo skinny, it makes me sick! How is putting your house on the market going? We were barely able to get it on the market without losing our minds but are glad that it is out there and we can relax a little bit.