judah's in pj's pretty much full time these days since we became addicts of the little old navy 2-pieces. i blame our hand-me-down benefactor goddess, kristy, for getting us hooked when we inherited a pair of football ones from her son and judah bromantic interest, the drooble. we have monkeys, robots, aliens and cars. they are so soft and the best part is that they provide instant belly and footsie access as well as precious little big man action because they are 2 separate pieces that make him look like a little 3 year old.

they aren't capris; they're just riding up due to excessive crawling. in the driveway on saturday beside our beastly loaner of a tahoe that the dealership gave us since our 14k mile old transmission went 100% kaput. we definitely aren't complaining since it's 100% free and the tahoe is big pimpin'


  1. oh MAN, those are my FAVORITE baby pj's! We got some hand me downs too and were SOLD! GAP's are great too, and sometimes you can catch them on sale for like 6 bucks!

  2. Drew is wearing some tonight--Woody from Toy Story! K

  3. I saw this forever ago when you wrote it - I promise! But we have now discovered the shorts version of these PJs - Old Navy rocks! Our house is super warm cause we're too cheap to run the air so the shorts version of these and the short sleeve shirt is super cute - you can see every single EIGHT of Parkers rolls on his thighs :) XO