lil' saint nickname

i realized recently that we call judah any number of ridiculous little baby names when we are engulfed by his charms and at our schmoopiest. here is a delightful and embarrassing smattering of our cutsie monikers.

-stinkler pinkler (binkler dinkler sometimes tacked on as well in formal situations)

-sugar boogers (ew. that's a guess, we haven't actually confirmed that this nickname is accurate)

-tiniest of creatures

-judahler doodler

-binky bear

-turd burglar (though he doesn't really burgle them as much as leave them behind)
-judah muffin


-monkey butt

-judah buddha belly smelly

-love munchkin

-my sweet angel pie (oh yikes, that one hurts to type)

-tiny guy

-boo boo bear

-littlest buddy (stolen)

-schmoopster poopster

can you blame us?

got any hilariously embarassing pet names for anyone in your life?


  1. Those are some weird names, dude. I wasn't expecting those. I like to say sugar booger, with a southern drawl... like sugah-boogah :-)

  2. I am cracking up. It is so weird and a little surprising what will come out of one's mouth at the sight of a little cute-face.. and I too will begin wincing as I type ours... Benj is:
    -Baby Prince,
    -Baby P
    -Sweet Pea
    -My little pea
    -Sweepy (variation of Sweet Pea)
    (big fan of "pie" apparently)
    -little love

    Also, I have given my sister Joj the following over the years:
    Joji-Poji-puddin & pie, Juju, jojo, jine, jiney, georgina, georgina-vagina, Denise, Jody, Judy,

  3. Stupid question, what does your pole "better blog tagline" mean??

  4. we are currently calling our in-utero son "the dumpling" when sometimes gets shortened to "the dump"... we're working on it. One of my grad school friends called me chicken nugget all of the time and I loved it.

  5. Also, I don't know where else to comment on this, but I love the new lay-out and the handwriting (your handwriting?) font!