yup, i think he likes her

judah had a blast with his aunt elena on monday while she was drawing and coloring a scene from dr. seuss' oh the places you'll go. she was very patient with him even though he was all up in her setups. he has a major crush on her and stares at her all the time. we have even heard him trying to say her name, "aaaaa-waaaaaay-naaaaaa." not that he is actually meaning to or anything, but it's still cool.

" hey, those look tasty. wait, where are you taking them?"

" is that a pencil? can i hold it? ok i am gonna reach for it, just stop me if you don't want me to grab it right out of your hand. if you don't say anything, i'll assume you want me to take it."

"wow, you have soft hair. it's so silky and lustrous. what shampoo do you use? i bet it smells and tastes good too"

" don't mind me, i'll just bring the hair over here. you keep working."

"she's soooooo cool i can't even handle it!"


  1. Did you show Elena these pictures? This is so adorable!!

  2. So loved the Elena + Judah post. Awesome pics and the comments are great examples of the book you're going to write someday! We're glad they have each other, and you guys made Monday so much fun for her. Thanks for the extra TLC--perfect timing!