competinspiration & fashion

i might be a little competitive.

this is a good thing (30% of the time, at least). when it's not making me bawl my eyes out after my country lost the tug of war on field day (nonfiction. sorry, france, i should have captained you better in all my 11 year old glory) it can turn inspiration into DOING.

i mostly do things that i am inspired by because they are awesome and i want a slice of the awesome myself ("oh, that looks fun, let's try that!"). but sometimes, just sometimes, i am additionally inspired to try to be AS awesome as the inspirer ("hey that seems cool. look i'm cool too! me too, me too!"). this is possibly not a winning trait. (but i am hoping transparent self-awareness is?)

in the last year i have been bananas inspired by my friend raechel (who, you may remember started as my #1 blog crush). homemaking, cooking, fashion, sewing, parenting...the girl can really do it all and make it look easy. i have slowly but surely tried to adopt some of her ways and it really has made my life feel more HD (awww, she brings out the color in my life). i've found it's not so much being amazing or superwoman( though she is), but rather an attitude and a lifestyl; not to mention plenty of room to just be a sloppy mess who sits on the couch for 4 hours some nights. grace.

jesse and i got to spend this past weekend with raechel and ryan. during raechel and my portion of the race she asked me to join her in a 1000 lunges in may challenge.

now the challenge is in no way intended to be me vs. her. it's us versus the cellulite, doing it together for added accountability.

but you better believe when she texted me last night to tell me she had logged 53 (which was demoted to 26 due to a technicality), my competitive juices were flowing. also, i had forgotten about the endeavor so this was enough to get me going.

and then she mentioned that she had already prepared all of her blog posts for the week (since we had just discussed how good it feels to be on top of your blogging schedule), and i was all, "nuh-UH! i am jealous. i have been such a blogging slackeur lately. me too me too!"

so decided in my brainspace that i would rev back up my blogging machine and shoot for 4 posts this week.

sadly, i cant find my memory card which has new and blog-worthy pics on it, so i had to go into the annals. i found a fun "what i wore" fashiony picture hat didnt get posted when i first showed off my new "being a grownup" look a few weeks ago, and since i wore this outfit again last week, it's recent enough to count for "what i wore wednesday."

aaaaaand naturally this is the exact same post that raechel wrote today (i mean, really! just darling). so i just look like a crazy person straight up copying her. NOTE: the competition part of me does NOT tangle with raechel in the "looking cute in clothes" arena. she is undefeated there, and i assure you i want to part of a head to head match up. i'll just keep trying to outlunge her and get my bloggy ducks in a row like she has.

so here we go:

i'm pretty sure if raechel and i both wore the outfits from our posts today while we were together people would think we were taking a break from rehearsing for our roles as rizzo and sandy in a local stage production of "grease." which is fitting because i am always using song and dance to get raechel to smoke and have premarital sex.

jacket: nordstrom (juniors dept...shame!)
shirt: loft (sold out, but on ebay here)
bracelet: noonday collection (SUCH a cool company)
pants: american eagle
sunglasses: american eagle
sandals: american eagle last year.
nail polish: essie in chinchilly

so there you have it: a blog post, a little overshare re: my psyche, and an outfit. gotta go lunge it out now.


  1. 1. the color in your world - a nice touch! tender!

    2. Rizzo and Sandy crack me up! BUT, I feel the need to point out for clarity that I have participated in neither premarital sex nor smoking ever. Though I did find myself uncomfortably situated in a tattoo parlor last Friday night.

    3. love the blue pants. adorable.

    4. I love that you're competitive. It's part of Keight. And if I learned anything from last summer, it's that I shouldn't have signed myself up for a feats-of-strength month-long contest with you. You WILL win. What was I thinking? (not a contest, rae, not a contest... accountability! still, you're going to have me kicking my butt to keep up with you!)

    5. love. you're great. and I miss you.

    1. yeah, you were so uncomfortable for a few minutes due to someone's decision to go there.

      my quads are ample. it's almost exclusively a curse into lunge time comes around.

  2. Keight, don't worry, I was the one using song and dance to tempt her into premarital sex. It didn't work because I was just as virginal as her and my version of "temptation dance" was pretty pathetic. And of course I wasn't coming on TO her. Uh-duh.

    But I really like the blue pants. I will probably be stealing them when we finally meet in person. You'll be mesmerized by my dance and then WOOSH you won't be wearing pants. Ha!

    1. i just bought my ticket to chicago. delta accepted the pure gold wit in your comment as payment. full marks!

    2. Christine, I'm going to need to see you dance the wig-a-lo stat. In Keight's blue pants. Why did I not request this during my last visit???


  3. I think you and Raechel are both equally amazing in your own ways. I love how you described her as making your life more HD. LOVE that description. :) But you are so open and honest on your blog in a way that feels refreshing and rare.

  4. STOPPPP with your hotness. Gah those cobalt pants... I am dying. I already had to retire my bright red ones because of a mysteriously expanding waistline (ok, they still fit but my love handles now stick out more than my belly. there's the truth). Love love love!