okaaaaay, so that went well.

29 people have reached out to me in 110 hours today to sign up for the june fitness challenge...which i have named JUNE VA-VOOM because of rhymes and dignity.

we have got folks in haiti, folks in germany, folks in IL, GA, TN, MD, SC, MN, IN, AL and more that i dont even know yet. we've got moms, singles, newlyweds, athletes, nerds, people who have never exercised and probably a diabetic or two. this is going to rock!

but, oh hey, when real humans depend on you for more that coffee-fueled jabber, it makes things a lot more real. as such, i spent a lot of time today coming up with a system that should work for everyone. i based it on calories burned, intensity and general hatred of each exercise.

if you were waiting in the shadows for more details on exercises, prizes and rules and such, here they are in the form of the explanation email i sent to the group just now:

ok, so i am emailing you if you contacted me about joining the month-long fitness accountability challenge. we would start keeping track tomorrow and go the entire month of june.

i will create a google doc (based in excel, my wonderland) that we will all be able to edit. i have made categories for all the major exercises that i want to work on plus some that yall asked to add that i think are great.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: we are on the honor system, yall. obviously, with a shared doc i could fib or fudge or outright fictionalize the smack out of this and win it all really easy. hopefully i would enjoy my winnings in jail because obviously i would be a heartless sociopath on the fast track to a life of crime. i cant wait to tell me cell mates,"my mommyblogging triceps fraud paid for this gang tattoo!" only record what you really do! if you forget, lowball it or leave it out altogether. this is primarily about doing something good for ourselves and secondarily about motivating and inspiring each other. the prize is, like, so tertiary.

about the prize: the overwhelming majority want to just do a $10 contribution to a group pot (it will be $10.60 due to paypal fees because doing a group invoice is easier than all of yall sending me personal friendly money). so i will shortly send out a paypal money request for that amount. when you pay, you're in! the disbursement of the prizes will be as follows:

1st place: 65% of the total pot
2nd place: 25% of the total pot
3rd place: 10% of the total pot

so how do you win?

based on WAAAAAY too much thinking and research, i have settled on the following values for each exercise below. if there is a URL, you can follow that to the correct form for that exercise. because so many of us do so many different activities, i added a general cardio category with intensity levels.

Exercise points per
1 triceps dips (legs straight out on ground) 0.05
one full sit up 0.015
30 seconds of continuous plank (side or front) 0.1
1 good form Boy pushup 0.06
1 set of lunges (1 on each leg = 1 set) 0.04
1 mile @ <8 min/mi 3.5
1 mile@ 8-9min/mi 3.2
1 mile @ 10-11 min/mi 2.9
1 mile @ 12-13 min/mi 2.6
1 mile @ 14+ min/mi 2.1
10 min other intense cardio (talking is dead to you. All resources devoted to breathing) 2.5
10 min other moderate cardio (you*could* talk but prefer to listen) 1.75
10 min light cardio (you could totally talk during it) 1.0

so if tomorrow i ran 1 mile at my blazingly typical 12 min mile pace, did 20 pushups, 50 lunges, 20 minutes of easy walking with my kids and 30 situps, i would get 8.3 total points for the day. does that make sense? all the math will be automatic because of excellence.

i will set up the spreadsheet so that each person has a sheet of their own and then that info will feed into a global recap sheet with graphs to show everyones progress/make me angry and motivated. i call this sheet MASTERTRON!

you may want to keep your own personal data on your own too just in case somebody gets drunk and obliterates the group data (unlikely?).

if you're in, just send the money via paypal when you get my money request. i will use whichever email you contacted me with to share the google doc with you.

any issues, let me know!

love and sweat,


we'll start keeping track tomorrow, and of course you can join late if you want. just email me at putapuredukes (at) gmail (dot) com.

did i forget any answers you were looking for? ask here!

p.s. Joie! i nede your info, i couldnt track you down anywhere.


  1. It is killing me to let this pass me by... but my abdomen-dwelling little inhabitant doesn't like when I even attempt to vacuum, let alone try to get in some kind of decent shape. Sadness. Re-challenge in November? :)

  2. I am so outclassed, how do you figure out how fast your mile is? Does my husband need to creep behind me in the car? Do you get extra points for carrying your 16 month old in a wrap while walking three shepherds?!

  3. So, wait. I ran a mile last night for nothing?!? shoot. :)

  4. This is awesome! I definitely NEED the motivation. Thanks for doing this Keight!

  5. Dangit, I would LOVE to do this after I have my baby--at this point my belly feels so huge I think I could do a boy form pushup without my arms! Five weeks until today until this baby pops, so I'm requesting a re-challenge in August!

  6. Seriously, lady, this might be the most motivation I've EVER had. I'm even setting daily point goals for myself! Pretty sure this will help me realize my post-baby weight loss goals. Thanks for the excellent spreadsheet. Loves it.

  7. I just dug out my wii zumba kit which I received as a gift almost 2 years ago and never opened... i'm never going to win, but i can't bear to lose