self-esteem done right

Layla's preschool teacher just texted me this today:

"Several of the kids sit at the picnic table beside the slide and say, "yay" and clap for the kid who slides down. They all take turns sliding and cheering and do it over and over.

Here Layla is clapping for herself after saying "yay" before she goes down. It's too cute!"

Layla's hair is the arrow-straight static-y mullet (the curls are the little girl's behind her). But those 2 top teeth are new arrivals and are all hers!

We should all feel this amazing about ourselves.

Good gracious, I love this little firecracker.

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  1. Me too! Had so much fun with her and Judah today. They are such delights!!!!! Both went to bed easily--so that was even more awesomeness!The preschool at Christ Church is AMAZING. It makes my heart so happy to see our grands being loved, encouraged, treasured, and taught godly truths while they have to be away from mom and dad. Layla's teacher told me how much sh has bonded with Layla and how happy she is to have her again next year!! Judah's teacher is the same...truely loving and caring. God BLESS you dear ladies. You are beyond best.