fostering octuplets

i had a recent etsy customer who ordered 8 of my jewelry rolls as bridesmaids gifts for her upcoming wedding.

i was delighted when she decided to use each of the 8 dot prints i carry as her fabric choices. she turned me loose to pick the zippers and ribbon colors myself.

i was nervy trying to put together cohesive, stylish, and yet a wide-ranging set of colors. i considered that a wedding party can often have wildly different taste and fictionally typecasted each jewelry roll for a corresponding girl: from tomboy little sister of the groom (green and white for her) to preppy sorority sister (pink and navy for her) .

i could not me more smitten by how these turned out! i love how they are clearly a unified set (you know i love an iteration), but are all so distinct.

why, yes, they're octuplets, but they're fraternal! (is what i will tell people in stores as i push them around in their octostroller. (i may have gotten a tad attached to these little fellas along the way).

i tried to imagine which color combo would be most likely to cause a bridesmaid catfight as they all scrambled to own it and jumped around wildly on which was my favorite.

sealing up the package to send to my sweet bride customer was a little difficult, but luckily i took some pictures of our time together to remember my octuplets as they leave for their forever homes.

i want to live somewhere under this rainbow.

they are so happy to see us! look how they're smiling!

looking good from up here too.

lined up for their processional.

if you held a gun to my head, i think the coral/gray combo is my favorite. followed closely by the aqua/yellow. but then again i love the red/teal and the sky/tangerine. ok, you probably just had to shoot me with that gun, didnt you? dangit. i really left you no choice.

so which baby roll is your favorite?


  1. Love love the aqua/yellow the best! They are beautiful!!!

  2. Love them all, but the aqua is the one my eye is drawn to!

  3. Red/teal, red/teal, red/teal!

  4. I love the black with purple. Looking sharp!

    Which fictional personality does that give me?

    1. is it still your fave if its navy/purple? black and purple would mean youre the "harvard-bound valedictorian with sneaky screwball streak." did i get that right? navy would drop you into a slightly different category. i'm thinking arwen-revering CPA.

  5. Hmmm... In my head I like it better as black, probably because when I squint I'm still seeing black. Here in the real world though, it still looks good to me, navy or not :) My second choices are pink/black and red/teal.

    This could be a really fun feature of your site - The Putapuredukes Personality Test. Choose a roll and find out who you are!

  6. Coral/gray followed by green/white!!! If you did navy/yellow, I'd be SOLD.

  7. hey! the coral/gray and aqua/yellow are my favorite too! It's like we're jewelry roll twins =) Getting to try that many different color combinations and use all the different polka dot fabrics would make me happy too =)

  8. I'm with a few others - aqua/yellow, hands down. I'm kind of fascinated now - I'm wondering how you typecast each of them!

  9. Grey/coral hands down. LOVE!

  10. why are these things so cute?! and why do i want to go broke and get every.single.one?!

  11. OMG so beautiful!! coral/gray is definitely my fave, followed closely by red/teal. I imagine the coral/gray girl as sort of a hipster who works in some design-related field (which is completely not me, but whatev)

  12. I like the pink/navy...think I always secretly wanted to be accepted by the sorority sisters (TOTALLY NOT ME!) and the aqua/yellow because it feels breezy.."I'm breezy!" (Did you watch Friends?)