lightning mcprincess

due to 3 days in a row of unspeakable morning/post-nap fecal smearing HORROR, layla has been relegated to zip-up jammies for the foreseeable future. because 2 parents shouldnt devote 4 total hours to poop cleanup in a 72 hour span just because girlfriend looks cute in 2-piece pj's that she can reach into.

until i can get to a consignment shop, these are the only ones in the house that fit her:

we have taken this as an opportunity to: 1. tentatively try potty training with her, and 2. let her play with play-doh during the waking hours to her heart's content.

we obviously have a passionate sculptor on our hands if she is so dedicated to her art that she goes diaper diving for suitable medium. but this is a bit avant-garde for my taste.

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  1. Oh mine used to slither out of those zip up sleepers like a snake shedding her skin! Hope you can contain the little artist...we ended up wrapping diaper with ducttape to curb our poop painter!