our front yard (aka weed and dirt field) is out of control due to our lawnmower being buried under the rubble of our yard sale's leavings plus a california redwood's worth of lumber for future projects.

so when i needed to get some work done today and judah needed some outside playtime, i thought maybe, just maybe we could kill two birds with one stone. oh, AND this would be the time to teach judah the ins and outs of scissor-safety. so we killed 3 birds i guess.

not a great day for figurative birds.

i ended up not getting a ton of work done because this was too cute and random to not photograph. i crept around, stalking him--camera in hand--through the arid savanna. at a hearty 90 degrees, i was sweating such that i was straining the absorbency bounds of my blouse's fibers. note: ann taylor gear is not approved for extreme environments.

worth it:

this was my favorite one

he went at it for a good 40 minutes. now at least all of the dandelions are decapitated in the front yard so they are no longer flagging down city officials with their tall yellow brightness yelling, "come give us a citation!"

this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between my son and yardwork.


  1. My parents' backyard was so small, and my mom hated mowing so much, that one day I cut the whole lawn with a pair of hedge trimmers because I was ashamed by how long it was. Hedge clippers, in case you were wondering, do not make a good substitute for a mower.

  2. This is the cutest picture ever =)

  3. That picture! It's everything.

  4. send him over here...i was mowing this little suckers Monday and all i could do was think of this sweet little picture!