these little piggies

guess what has made a smash debut at our house?

it was all jesse's idea AND he "made" them himself (the first try, at least, and then i corrected).

i'll give you 2 more hints:


stop it!

and in two shakes of a lamb's pig's tail she's a little kid and not a baby anymore.

how big and cute you are kind of turns my world upside down too, layla.

ok, i might need to eat her.

my little big cheeser

they are indoor/outdoor pigtails.

i will smooch you all day, baby

"OH! ya burnt!"

oh MAN, girlfriend is SASSY!

it's like she sees my soul!

there might be 17 hairs in each lil sprout and a healthy dose of mullet remaining out back, but it's LOVE!

and just like that, she's putting on jewelry and taking care of a baby!

never, never too big for these.

welcome to a long future of messy updo's layla. i've left you a mighty legacy to live up to in that department.


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  2. Oh man, the first pigtails are the best. Swoon-worthy!

  3. Max keeps looking and saying, "Daiiiisy. Daiiiiisy. Daiiiisy." Daisy is his baby cousin, so he's got the girl (and even the age) wrong...but i think he may be smitten nonetheless!

    1. that is spine-tinglingly cool, melissa! she is the baby that was the size of a grapefruit in my belly when you wrote to tell me i had won the camera for donating to the fund to bring home your son, who was a russian orphan at the time, and now he is talking about (sort of) her in alabama and she is out of the uterus having hairdo's. jesus is cool.

  4. WOW!! It is amazing how much 2 little pigtails can transform her from baby to little girl! Absolutely adorable!!

  5. i just want to squeeze her and give those yummy cheeks lots of kisses. she kills me.

  6. I think she's looking more like you the more she grows!! Love those piggies!!!