any takers?

i'm buzzed pretty hard right now on a starbucks frappuccino. i drink coffee maybe twice a year because it hits me so hard and makes me a crazy person for about 4 hours. caffeine IS a drug i tell you. it's PCP/angel dust to be exact.

so i am on a leeeeetle bit of a bender right now and, obviously, need to take this opportunity to write publicly on the internet while the brown lightning is coursing through my veins.

i mentioned a few weeks back that i was doing a friendly accountability competition with raechel. this turned out awesome. the shared challenge and reporting did wonders for my motivation.

1000 lunges in may=success!

so i want more. it may be the coffee talking, but i am ready to TAKE OVER THE WORLD using only fitness and google docs (and obviously much, much more of my colombian mistress bean).

here's what i am thinking: i want to make a group pool. i am interested in making myself do the following (but am open to adding more events)-pushups (boy style), lunges, and running. ideally this would be mostly for people who are having a hard time making time or feeling inspired to work out, and not for some ringer who already runs 30 miles a week to just join up and win the prize without changing any normal habits.

maybe we all pitch in $10 or something. or maybe we can all offer a prize (like an etsy shop credit, or gift card or any little prize you'd like to offer, then at the end of june there will be 1st/2nd/3rd place prizes for the winners.

we would do some sort of conversion chart where like 50 lunges=30 pushups=1 mile or something and assign points across all events. maybe drinking coffee should be worth 100 points. I WIN!!!

the best way for tracking this is probably through a shared google doc that you will enter your stuff into whenever you want and can check the progress of all the other participants.

ok, so does this sound fun to anyone?

if you want in, i am going to start tomorrow and make in a june affair (of course latecomers are more than welcome). email me STAT at putapuredukes (at) gmail (dot) com to be added to the spreadsheet. if you are passionate about adding another exercise, let me know too.

recap-email me your name, if you want to add any "events," and what you think the prize should be/what you'd be willing to contribute to the prize pool.



  1. I am so in! I am trying to lose that 2nd baby weight and actually get back into some sort of shape, and I have just started to move faster than a turtle (not just in running but in life in general). I am more than willing to give $10 or whatever to the pot for prizes (im not crafty so I have no etsy shop to give stuff away from)..... so yes all that is to say sign me up :-)

  2. "Sounds like fun"... no. Motivating and fun-ner? Heck yes. Sign me up :) I'm emailing you now!

  3. I'm so there. I run, but not 30 miles a week (hahahaha!) but could use some motivation for push ups or the like.

  4. I'm in! Emailing you now!

  5. Im in too! Emailing shirtly.

    1. Joie, can you email me? i cant find another way to get in touch with you to send you the details!

  6. Count me in- but boy push-ups, really?? Ugh...

  7. Not sure my comment went through, but I'm totally game. I emailed you- and holy crap that's a lot of avocados on your instgram stream.

  8. i wanna do it! i might not win, but i could use the inspiration.

  9. 1. You are a VERY gracious friend to not point out that I dropped off the wagon almost two weeks ago in the lunge competition. I could have seen that coming, I guess - doing 50 lunges after a day of Disney magic... nope! But still, very gracious. I feel loved.

    2. I want to be on the spreadsheet! I have a couple of trips planned for this month that may interfere with my success/commitment though, so maybe I should bow out?

    3. I love it when you drink the coffee.

  10. I'm in! I will also be traveling a lot but I need the accountability. We'll need a category for the elliptical though. :)

  11. Not sure if my comment went through just now, but I'm totally in! I'm traveling a lot too but I need the accountability. We'll need to add categories for elliptical and hiking though.