mexican pin-meal

two pins, two mexican dishes, two successes.

our spicy avocado chicken enchiladas.

pinned here.

-ours looked nothing like the recipe picture. if you just saw the picture of our, you might think that we didnt add the sauce at all. well, we did. we needed to go back and double the sauce amount to be able to adequately cover all the enchiladas. the sauce is AMAZING so i highly recommend doubling.

-not the quickest recipe to whip up, but the payoff made the work and all the ingredients totally worth it.

-we used corn tortillas because we had some on hand and thought they were a pain to wrap, they have proved delicious as the corn adds an unexpected sweetness to the whole dish that is authentic tamale-like and it perfect.

-TONS of leftovers. reheats well. add sour cream.

our 1 minute salsa

pinned here

-i was SO skeptical of a salsa that used CANNED tomatoes. i am a salsa snob and mostly just made this to be able to prove it disgusting.

-nope. it was straight legit. it was very very easy to make and really did taste great. i think it managed to taste fresh because of the fresh onion and cilantro. my mind tried to keep psyching me out by reminding me that the tomatoes were canned, but my mouth was all, "who cares?! this is tastatcular! (not to be confused with another homophonic adjective).

go. cook. win.

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  1. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2010/01/restaurant-style-salsa/

    this was the recipe that showed me that canned tomatoes make good salsa. It's a little different, but probably just as good.