my two

we came across a pair of pj's that one of my mom's sweet friends gave judah a few days after he was born. they were size 6-12 months so back then we stashed them away because having a 6-12 month old seemed like eons in the future. well, we found them right around his 18 month birthday last week (whoopso) and just HAD to squeeze his chunky cuteness into them. and of course, here's layla finally filling up some of the things i made for her when she was just a twinkle in my eye and a bump under my shirt.

if you don't have a mouth full of turkey to put you into a post-thanksgiving stupor...

a turkey-milk coma will always suffice (that's turkey-flavored milk, not milk of a turkey)

can you understand why i spend my most of my time gazing at these two instead of blogging? holy zowies i love them. and the little girl? blowing my mind.


  1. ummm...yes, this is merran, checking in all the way from thailand! (i think i get bonus points for commenting while on the other side of the world) gotta see how the latest dukes is doing. that onesie with the elephant was one of my faves. love it.
    mae says hi!

  2. ahh! could they get any cuter? hope you are doing well!

  3. I can't wait to see photos of Judah and Layla together!! Ooh and I wonder if she looks like Judah when he was a baby... or K8 or Jesse when they were babies?... :-)

  4. Totally understandable!!! Missing your blog is like misplacing a good book--you can't wait to read the next chapter; but I'll gladly wait while you enjoy your precious ones!