Layla Embry's Song

from keight: with a husband who does things like this, it will be a miracle if i am ever NOT pregnant. he is just frippin' amazing. if you never have, make sure you follow the link to judah's song below because it's so cool how the two songs go together just perfectly but are still completely different. okay, little girl, we've got your theme music ready, you can come out now!

by jesse:

Back when Judah was still in Keight's belly, I was trying my hand at songwriting. It all started when I wrote a song in response to some things that I was studying about the resurrection for a message that I was preaching. I really enjoyed the process so then I started a blog to document the process at the beginning of the new year with the intention of writing a song a week.

Well, I churned out a couple that I really liked, and some that were just okay, and some that probably stunk, but the last song that I wrote was about Judah (it was the last because he consequently occupied most of the time that I had dedicated to songwriting). Most of the feedback that I got from Judah's song was that it was by far the best of all of my efforts. And so as I closed up my songwriting experience, I realized then that any good artistic endeavor has to come from a place of deep emotional experience, or else it will end up at best being technically good, or clever, or clean, but not beautiful. Only powerful emotions can produce powerful expressions.

So now I pretty much stick to writing songs about things that really move me, and these days, that's just Jesus and our kids. And I've been trying to write a song for Layla for the past forever, but I wasn't feeling what I'd written 100% and it was a struggle because the emotions were still very far away and hard to access. So last night I got thinking about just how excited I was about her actually coming, and how much I wanted to meet her and to just be able to actually have her; to love on and cuddle, but consequently how her coming would begin the long slow road of her actually learning to be without us, and probably not want to always be around us (can you say middle school?). So it's this crazy conflict of emotions that I feel with Judah all the time of wanting him to just come to me and let me hold him and never let go and be both amazed and enthralled and terrified all at the same time that he's growing up.

So right then and there while sitting on the couch, the whole idea for her song just kinda popped into my head. Which is exactly how it happened with Judah's song too, so I hope this one is of the same breed. It's fun and a little goofy at times, because that's just how we are, and it's still a little rough because I wrote and recorded the whole thing in one day, but stick with it till the end and I think you'll like it.

Hope you enjoy.

Baby Come to Me

Well I caught your momma's eye
from across the room
and she gave a little smile
like she knew a thing or two and said
"I know what you're thinking, the answer's 'no'
it's much too soon for seconds darling. You know its true."

But I said baby come to me
oh don't be coy, yeah I know we're 1-2,-3, but what's one more
when you've got more love for sharing
and you look mighty fine in that t-shirt that you're wearing
so baby come to me
I said, baby come to me

well next thing that you know
we're getting presents wrapped in pink and purple bows
and moving things around to make room for another
and pretty soon you'll make our little man a brother
and I can't wait

So I say baby come to me
oh little girl, you know I just can't wait to see
how you turn our world upside down with all you bring in
and fill our hearts so full that they can't stop from singing
"Oh baby come to me"
We'll sing, "Baby come to me"

Now time is flying by like slipping sand
and on my front porch is a guy with flowers in his hand
"Oh daddy drop the gun you'll scare him"
I say, "That's the point, and don't think that's the dress you're wearing"
but then I'll laugh

And I'll say baby come to me, lemme hold you tight
now before I set you free to go out tonight
and will you make me a promise?
Will you come running back if mom or I start calling
oh baby come to me?
oh baby come on back to me

oh I know as time goes on you're growing
but baby can't you see
that no matter where you may be going
you'll always be, yeah you'll always be, you're always gonna be
my little darling baby
and I'll say baby come to me
oh I'll say baby come to me

Oh but while I've got you here
let me tell you one more thing my little dear
you might as well know that
with guys I've got a preference
and its not Romeo who's waiting with a white dress
in fact your heart of gold is something far too precious
to not be bought unless the cost was something priceless

but one paid that price
for such a beautiful bride
Oh He's the one who set us free
and He's singing, baby come to ME!


  1. well done, sir. :)

  2. I think it is the coolest thing EVER to write songs for your children- Layla will know without a shadow of a doubt just how excited you guys were to meet her and how much you loved her before she was ever born. That is an awesome gift you are giving her. Good luck with writing the 18 other songs you'll need for subsequent children!!!!

  3. Laura Lee Griffin11/4/10, 11:42 AM

    I'm an all time lurker, and a one time commenter (ok, so this will be my 2nd time)...just wanted to say "Wow!" What an amazing song! I'm praying for you guys as you await Miss Layla's arrival, and will continue to pray as you raise both of your little ones to have a knowledge and love for the Lord that is hard to come by in this world. They are blessed to have you guys as parents!

    -Laura Lee

  4. I cried. That was beautiful. It will be played at her wedding some day... when she dances with Jesse :-) I'm just sure of it! She's going to love being so loved!

  5. GORGEOUS! Love it! Great job cuz!


  6. Wow. What an amazing God-given gift you have. And the cool thing is, you use it to bring glory to Him.

    Good luck explaining that first verse when she's older. Maybe a song to teach the about the birds and the bees? Write it 2 years before you need it, and then I can use it for my little ones. I'll pay you...

    In all seriousness though, beautiful.

  7. I've been reading your blog for awhile and have yet to comment, but this post definitely merits a response. What an amazing gift for your kids. I love both songs and the stories they tell about your love for your kids. Beautiful!

  8. Keight you know I love your husband and when he does something amazing like that I melt. His voice is so beautiful to listen to. What a way to document a moment. Keep it up Jesse!

  9. Jes, this is so ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I'm so in love with this song, and just bursting and weeping at the same time. Oh,son of mine, what a treasure you are, and what a treasure you're passing on to that precious little girl. Thank you for sharing with all of us, and for letting Layla know the love she's come from and the love she's going to. You're incredible. So much love, Mom

  10. sooooo good...finally a song to replace dang butterfly kisses. Ok I can't believe I even compared it to that...your song is way better :)

  11. precious, precious. I'm waiting to listen until my hormones calm down and I won't be crying a river the whole time, but...ahem, does it make me a horrible person if I say the first verse makes me a little uncomfortable? Like, "hanging out in your living room while you two start playing the let's-get-it-on game" uncomfortable. I def blush every time I read it. But for real, i love it. it's precious and adorable. Well done, Mr. Dukes.

  12. I admit the first verse is PG, but I'm planning on telling her that holding hands can get you pregnant, so that will work well:)

    Thanks for all the love though. Right back at every one of you, its because have such great peeps in our lives that we've "got more love for sharing".

    And K8 does look great in a T-shirt... I'm just sayin'.

  13. seriously made me cry. little layla embry is so lucky/blessed to have such an amazing parents! i love that song and know she will too!

  14. That.song.precious!!!! Praying for a happy labor day for you guys and that she comes soon.

  15. Wow, what a wonder song and gift for your new daughter. You did a wonderful job. Your mom and dad are wonderful people, and they sure did raise you right. They have to be so proud. Congratulations on your new baby girl.

  16. Oh my dang. I just totally started crying in my office at work. This is seriously amazing. What a lovely way for Layla to look back at her life and her family as she grows and know what love really is.