my one and only

the upside of this little lady staying put is that i get some extra time with the little fella that made me a mom to begin with. his days as an only child are numbered. and treasured. wanton nostalgia and hormones ensue at every snuggle.

all we have to do these days is say the word "belly" and judah immediately goes through these maneuvers of lifting up my shirt, patting/smacking my stomach and giving it rapid kisses. it's really just the cutest. we don't tell him that it's a baby because, while he does know what a baby is, we don't want to confuse him with concepts of higher biology once she decides to blow this pop stand. hopefully the cuteness will transfer over to the actual baby and not continue on my postpartum abdomen.

after scrolling through these blurry phone shots, i probably should have just taken a video.

scouting his target

gotta get the full moon

subject revealed

identifying "belly"

rapid patting ensues

and headbanging kisses...leaving puddles of drool and crumbs behind

listening for any backtalk


and then he just laid down on her for a few minutes of elmo-watching and straight melted my heart

just me and my little man. maybe being home sick isn't so bad after all


  1. Adorable. Simply Adorable

  2. So sweet!!! I'm liking my odds in the poll. :-)

  3. Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.