Here we go!

Hey blog world it's Lena here. this post comes to you from the delivery room at Fayette Piedmont. keight checked in about an hour ago and was at 5 cm. no broken water. they are coming back to check her in an hour and if she hasn't progressed they are going to let her go home so that she can continue with her birthplan. keight is so freaking calm and collected it's unbelievable. she is seriously a rockstar people. I act more dramatic than her when I'm on my period. I will keep you updated! so excited for the little dukes family. keep them in your prayers. here are a couple of pictures from the day. I'll post more soon!

loves and hugs, Lena

gorgeous mom-of-a-daughter to be

they seriously make the best team

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  1. I love the one of your husband rubbing your back!