cancel the APB

we are all four here and alive.

turns out layla is way more attached to mommy than i remember judah being and girl cant drain a mammary nearly as fast as i remember him being able to. but maybe i just cant remember the way early days with him. (is it normal for a newborn to take like an hour per feeding?)

i have been pretty overwhelmed by how many emails, calls, blog posts and facebook messages that i owe folks, so i kind of went ultra-hermit on the internet in general this past week and didn't get on at all. but tapping on these keys is actually feeling pretty good, so hopefully we'll be back with some sort of regularity soon.

p.s. she's awesome. 2 weeks old today.


  1. Levi took 45 minute to an hour at first... hang in there!!

  2. I don't think anyone would ever blame you for being overwhelmed & being a hermit! I would've done the same... And sometimes do without the excuse of 2 kiddos! You have two precious little ones!!! Much love to you & lots of prayers!

  3. Ainsley always did 40-50 minute feeding sessions, but the boys were 20 minutes or less. As long as Miss Layla is coming away from the breast satisfied (i.e. not crying, mad, fussing, etc) then she's getting enough. Enjoy it! I can't believe she's two weeks old already! Hope you had a wonderful first Thanksgiving with her.

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog!
    I have a 18mo old daughter named Layla Ann who was born 5.24.09 and my second daughter Nora Bettine was born 10.13.10!
    Hope you are feeling a bit more under control!