fruit of the spirit pillow

i meant to post about this sooooo long ago. consider this my bloggy nesting, trying to get everything in order because, certainly, she's coming soon.

remember this pillow i made from an awesome tutorial awhile back? well i really loved it but i wanted to put my own twist on the idea. i wanted to make a fruit of the spirit-themed cover with all of the attributes listed in galatians as the leaves or fruit coming off of the tree. i thought actual fruit shapes was a little too literal so i went with a cool chunky leaf/trunk style.

my idea was to make these for some family for christmas, but i got the opportunity to make one a little sooner than expected when i got into a huge stupid fight with my sister-in-law. the devil was all up in our business just crapping on the relationship and trying to full-on take it down to china town. it wasn't looking good when we left things that night.

well, a few weeks passed and i just really felt like i was supposed to make this for her. (i got the idea at first while still being a wanker about the whole thing because while we were fighting at my house she had that first pillow i made in her lap and had mentioned at the start of the night how much she loved it. while we were fighting i was in my head like, "put down my beloved crafts!"). well, jesus showed up and i stopped being mad and feeling slighted and wronged and just generally turdly and just asked god to show me where i had gone wrong in the whole debacle and how best to love her (thank you jesus for living in my heart and making me a better person than i naturally am because no WAY would i have ever had these thoughts before you. you're an A+).

enter the pillow idea. not as a like, "here's how you should have acted sewn onto a pillow for you to remind you for next time" sarcastic jerk maneuver, but truly to tell her that i think she is a beautiful shining example of the workings and products of the holy spirit in her life. and she really does display all of the characteristics and is ah-mazing.

it was my peace offering. my forgiveness and my apology. it was also hard to part with because i reeeeeeally loved it. when we met back up to smooth things over i gave it to her and jesus was all up in the healing process and it was a super cool time. crafts and spirituality: okay!

laid out before committing to the final look. plus my sausage toe tips

the front is a charcoal linen blend that makes me drool and the back is home decor weight khaki with an envelope closure.

yeah, it's pretty literal with the words written on there. but hello? i know i could use nearly constant reminders of what the evidence of christ should outwardly be in my life. plus, with little kids it could be a pretty cool teaching device. i think i am going to make these available for sale on my custom orders page because i am really proud to have come up with this idea AND to have searched around and not seen anything else like it. a first for me.



  1. I would definitely purchase this pillow for Levi's room!

  2. Coupla things. 1. I LOVE that pillow! 2. I just found your blog today thanks to "Finding My Feet" and well, I have laughed and cried my way through the past month of posts and you now have a new stalker. (but I do promise, I'm not super duper weird or anything) Ha! :)
    Praying for that baby girl to make her entrance reallllll quick! :)

  3. Amazing post, Keight. Love your lovely handling of the situation and your handiwork so much. You know i feel in love with the pillow--such a delight in so many ways. Looking forward to cherishing one in our home!! Glad you're staying busy--it would be either that or many tears into the pillow!!!!

  4. You know I love anything with leaves, but this is great!