Judah's Song

If you've been reading along with us for a little while, you know that one of things that I started doing this year was trying my hand at songwriting and I've been posting some of the results on another blog that I made. However, I just knew that at some point these two worlds would collide since songwriting (at least when its any good I guess) is the outpouring of your thoughts and feelings and emotions into music and words. So anyway, this is that day.

As we prepare for our son's arrival I'm just constantly struck by just how much I love this little guy who I haven't even met yet. AND how its my personal goal to lavish love and grace and safety and security on him because I'm convinced that being able to rest, swim, bask, and find our identity in love is the secret to being able to live like the kind of people that Jesus created us to be.

So anyway, this song is just about that. And we want this to be the song that his heart sings his entire life. Sure its a little sappy, but when dealing with the heart of a child I am not sure you can go overboard with letting him know just how much you're head over heels for him.
Some notes...

Boles is the road that Keight's parents live on. (Sorry mom and dad Dukes, Tillman had too many syllables and doesn't really rhyme well)

Both Merriam AND Webster say that tameless actually is a word.

The lion I love is Judah if you didn't get that somehow. He's like the lion... of Judah.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Judah's Song

shake the tree and the apple falls
not far at all
just far enough to know his life’s his own
so put down those roots and grow
cause right here you’re home
and nothing can change that

there’s a lion I love with all my heart,
it’s not what you do, just who you are
sleep in peace my child the only war
is over if there’s any room to love you more

A curly mane and a tale that grows
as we slip down these roads
that lead us everywhere from Narnia to Boles
through autumn leaves and the summer sun
we’ll laugh and play till evening comes
Then we’ll lay back down and sing that

There’s a lion I love with all my heart,
it’s not what you do, just who you are
sleep in peace my child the only war
is over if there’s any room to love you more

You’re teaching me about love so strong
that’s its power alone
can make a heart of flesh
from one that’s wrapped in stone
so lets sing about the one
who made this love that keeps us breathing
our tameless one who’s singing

there’s a lion who loves with all His heart,
it’s not what you do, just who you are.
sleep in peace now child may fear be gone
because He loves you and His love will guard your heart


  1. Oh my heavens!!!! We love this song!!! It was so cool to listen to it the first time with Dad while you guys looked on and watched us both boo hoo--AWESOME!!! We love watching you guys fall in love with Judah, just as we fell in love with Jesse. What a treasure for your son to have such tangible evidence of your love for him while he was being formed in his mother's womb!!!!!

  2. Oh wow, this was beautiful. I got all choked up.

    I found you via pinterest {from your scarf tutorial} and started poking around. Nice blog :)