busy bees + 2 goobs

updated etsy, getting tons of orders sewn, and working late tonight so that i can take tomorrow off work and head to tennessee for HSD2.0*! remember when i left for the first round? it was just me and layla. well, after meeting him, i was pretty sure raechel's hubs, ryan, and jesse would really hit it off. so we're are going full dukesforce and including the boys this go-round! OMGeepers, what if they hate each other? won't my face be red? except i will be in sewing heaven with raechel, sooo...they'll just have to work around it, because momma ain't going home early for nothin'!

*hardcore sewing delight version 2.

excitement doesn't cover it. raechel was tragically comatose the first time i was there and had to resort to cracknaps just to get through. this time we are all in full health with double daddy day care, and even got 2 amazing babysitters (raechel says she wants to be them when she grows up...and they are high school seniors. so yeah, theyre kind of stratospherical) to watch the kids one night for an all adult double date! giddy squeals.

we have many great stitch-capades (ouch. sorry) planned and raechel will show off even more of her stoooooopid chef skills. you can sneak a peek at her weekend menu here (no i did not go out and get that exact same clipfolio today with my target giftgard. i am not a huge poser) drool much?

i realized that i am horrendous and never wrote my full account of the glory of HSD1. even though she was so miserably sick, raechel was so stellar and i liked her even more than i had hoped. which is saying a LOT. but, all i ever did was tease with this post with some highlights and then leave the world hanging. i WILL make up for it this time. don't stop believing!

let's hope these 3 goober bombs behave. so help me, if they embarrass me in front of raechel...it will probably be pretty funny.

she is so goob-tastically sublime.

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  1. Can I just say I'm so jealous? A weekend of sewing and creating... Heaven. And I'm jealous that two of my sewing idols are friends and get together while their hubs take the kids.  Oh to be a fly on the wall. Stalkerish but true! Have so much fun!