we are probably going to be at 100,000 hits at some point tomorrow. if you're the one that the counter over there-----> shows 100k for, i would love a screenshot, because i am a nerd like that. even if you're close and just have a cool number with lots of zeroes or nines i would love it !

we have a lot going on right now as you might have guessed. some really emotional and difficult stuff for our family. so things might be all quiet on the bloggy front as far as substance goes for a while.



  1. I want it to be me!!!! If so, will you let me borrow your Bossypants book?

  2. Hey girl... Prayers are going out for you now. Feel ya. And, If I happen to have a really cool number I apologize in advance because on my blackberry I can't see the counter & have NO idea :) love y'all MUCH!!! Now, watch nacho libre & laugh a little!

  3. Aw man! I checked this morning and it was at 99,916 and now it's at 100,014.

    I'll catch it at 200K.

    Congrats on all your hits!!!

  4. Just FYI...I'm number 100,048!

    Much love from northern MN!