bug n' boo

you send him off to grandma's and you risk him coming home in this number. one of my brother's old wardrobe all-stars. my mom said, "he wanted to wear it! i asked him, 'choo-chooor regular shirt?' and he said 'choo-choo!'" gee, ya think? its a tad short. he looks like he should be drifting down the mississip' with big jim.

captions: cheesy yellow jacket; "my parents' school is better than yours!"; no pressure, layla.

a natural progression: 1-why did you give me this?, 2-what is this?, 3-must swing this alarmingly fast near your face.

he makes me feel like that too, lay.


  1. OMG I can't handle the jon jons! My sisters LOVE these things and I ALWAYS risk him being in one when I pick him up from their house. I have friends who love them, too - but I just can't handle it - I have a huge phobia of them! :)

  2. So, on that last one. I can't decide which is cuter, the picture or your comment.

  3. The choo is painful. I am in pain.

    But, the handsome kid throwing things while wearing a tye dye shirt to offset his gorgeous blonde hair? That heals all wounds.